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A ton of people are asking for this, but there is no official reply. The feature isn't mentioned on the upcoming roadmap either: https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/38720/world-war-z-post-launch-free-content-roadmap

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Even if you cap out on level, the money grind is still there.

You're not truly stuck until you have unlocked every single perk on every single class and unlocked every single weapon upgrade for each weapon.

Then at that point you are free to complain that the game doesn't have enough content as you have effectively consumed it all.

Level is just a number and it's nearly meaningless. Don't take it so seriously, this isn't a competitive game.

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It's actually asking for a lot and might be intended this way for balance purposes. I usually play the Fixer class when I team up with friends on the harder difficulties, and the Fixer has a perk that allows you to get up when the whole team is down. This has saved our butts many times.

However even with this powerful perk you can still experience the same instant re-knockdown if there is anything around you. There usually isn't even enough time to throw a Masking Grenade at your feet, I have tried so many times. I still keep and use the perk anyway because the A.I. is programmed to leave me alone and go after other people when I'm down... if they go down after I am usually alone at that point and have time to react when I get up.

Having some type of invincibility or even invisibility after getting up would be a huge buff. Maybe we could use it for the new upcoming 6-Skull difficulty? I personally don't think it is needed at this stage of the game.

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It is in fact stored locally under a Windows user account. I haven't tried it myself but I think you can copy it over from the first PC. Just remember if you play on both PCs it will be difficult to keep your account synchronized between the two.

Note that this is a limitation of Epic launcher which doesn't support cloud saving features such as your account information.

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You cannot "play" the game normally by launching the game "via the exe directly". The game launch requires certain arguments (such as your Epic account information) that is added when running the game through Epic. Have you tried repairing the installation? Click the cogwheel / settings icon and then click on "Verify".

If you've never played the game before you could also try to uninstall and then reinstall it. Don't do this if you've ever played before because it might delete your save.

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I have also noticed people going "trigger happy" at the very end of missions as well.

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Upgrading/unlocking weapons doesn't actually make you start with them, only makes them "available to be found" in game. Each class has it's own specific set of starting items/weapons. There are a few class perks that will also let you customize which weapons you start with, but the selection is very restrictive. For example, a Medic can start with a real SMG (Tier 2) as an upgrade to their default "Compact SMG" (weaker Tier 1), and a Fixer can start with an "Assault Rifle".
Outside of changing your class and changing your perks, there is no other way to change your starting loadout. You just have to look harder for weapons... this is a survival game after all. What I've noticed is that you don't normally find Tier 3 weapons until towards the end of each mission; pretty sure this is intentional.