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Hi, I'm here to give some feedback!

I play on an ultrawide monitor (21:9 aspect ratio, resolution: 3440x1440 px).
In the settings it's possible to set the resolution to 3440x1440, but part of the game still stays in a 16:9 aspect ratio.
More specifically:
In the lobby I get a 21:9 ratio, when in the helicopter it's 21:9, but once I'm on the ground it's 16:9 (the rest is black; two black bars on the sides). The UI scales properly and goes to the sides like it should.

It's possible to change different kinds of mouse sensitivity, but the sensitivity on menus cannot be changed.

This was my problem:
I play on 700 DPI, and once I entered the game the menus had perfect sensitivity but the sensitivity in the game was too high, even after I changed "general sensitivity" from 2 to 1.
I changed my DPI to 250 to make the game feel normal on 1x sensitivity, but then the menu sensitivity was extremely low. So I used the DPI button to switch to 1000 DPI when I'm on the menu.

So try tweaking this to make it unnecessary to change sensitivities. My suggestions are:

  • lower ingame sensitivity by default (when sensitivity is at 1x, it should be much lower than what 1x is now)
  • allow changing sensitivity below 1
  • allow more detailed sensitivity changing (0.25 to 3 instead of 1 to 12 or 15) + add buttons for slight adjustments
  • add a setting for menu sensitivity
    These are only multipliers, so if somebody still wants to play on high sensitivity they can use higher DPI or mouse sensitivity settings in Windows.

I hope this helps!

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