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So, it's thematic, it's awesome, I've exceeded my BFG:A playtime. An I looved BFG:A

It's even more thematic, the current feature set is a good improvement.

The musics cool if a little less "imperial".

I haven't completed the campaign, yet but it's much more content than the first.

I've had weekends that are BFG 2, sleep, BFG 2 as soon as I wake up.

My Favorite French thing since the Famas.

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This isn't because of the game at all, but it is because I got done with a bunch of 40k stuff recently, and I'm burned out on 40k, I probably won't play the game for the rest of the season, maybe even the year, but I'd like you to understand, I will go back to it, I'm still interested in it, but now isn't time for 40k now is time for Samurai, and Sino-Japanese miniatures and games.

My focus doesn't include this game, and I like to be focused on one theme, read books, watch films, play games, paint miniatures on that theme, but please understand that doesn't mean you don't have my continued support.

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Because there is no punishment for taking large ships, but smaller ships end up being difficult to control, particularly escorts, which is a pity, because I love escorts.

Seriously, even just three groups would be a massive improvement.

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Could use a tutorial skip function, I'm not sure I need to play the same scripted intro missions everytime I want to re-start, that or an save prompt after the last tutorial would be good.

I do like the intro missions, but I don't feel i need to experience them more than once per "run".

Campaign is easier if you play for time, i.e. don't complete mission straight away, I quite like this, but at the same time it should probably be mentioned, particularity before the first cadian special mission, I was struggling for resources so I re-started on easy, I now suspect I could have just not done the cadian mission as soon as it was available. A tactical blunder, but the game info is very geared towards waiting is bad.

It would be nice to choose what kind of fleet you are awarded after leveling up, in the imperial campaign rather than being told.

A new game plus would be a welcome addition with everything unlocked, including the map, assuming that wouldn't be any major issue to add, the campaign should also be endless, as should any grand campaign, simply by pumping up the size and frequency of invasions sequentially each turn after it "ends", like the endless mongols and rebellions in total war, but better, and actually thematic.

Traitor fleets and planetary rebellions, would also be an interesting addition, say if you didn't have a fleet stationed in the sector in a grand campaign.

A map viewer would also be nice.


The game could use some group orders, even just being able to permanently "bind" escort ships to capital ships would be useful.

I miss the queue action feature.

Torpedoes are nearly impossible to use, I keep hitting my own ships (I feel like smaller ships should automatically stay out of torpedo lines of fire. ) Alternatively there isn't time to move every ship into the right position, as by that time the enemy has moved and you need to start over.

It would be cool if sub factions had a bonus you could enable or disable, such as +1 to troop values for dark angels, or -1 to enemy detection for raven guard.

It would be lovely to be able to choose maps to fight on, such as some of the ones in the campaigns?

Or even a map maker with say decided into 9 parts with a feature select option in each?

Miss the old mission types, would like them back, even if half the battles are cruiser clash.

It would be awesome to have a "class creator" if possible, basically swapping out different turrets and sections, if all of these are a standard cost?


Not sure where BFG 1's music went. :p I loved it, I miss it.

Aesthetics wise, an fleet painter would go a long way.

Also why are there no crimson fists? They're a re-colour of imperial fists, I know they're second founding but it's something that's so easy to add given it's only a colour swap/removing some of the extra ornamentation if you're feeling fancy, you could also do a deathwing/ravenwing alternative colour scheme.

Blood Ravens, Deathwatch, flesh tearers, or Black Templars, would also be cool, but require work.

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I look forward to jumping back in, I hope you'll allow massive fleets int he grand campaign as an extra "sweetener".

I'm not sure 4000 is all that big, but i'll reserve judgement til tonight.

Thank you for your efforts and implementing this feature from the last game's suggestions.

Additionally, I'd quite like to be able to sue the old UI style sometimes, the new one feels a little generic, and miss the green.