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I do say, just used the .50s on hardcore coop, and they are very very useful for getting through cover when you can see the smallest sliver of someone, and I have been able to hit people through walls, just by guessing. Haven’t tried them on trucks yet but I assume they’re effective.

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Just saw this somewhere, thought it might be a cool, realistic thing to add to sandstorm:

“”Some things most video games do not model is the placement of ammunition and the effects of ammunition storage on the reload, as it would in reality.

For example, though you might carry 6 magazines on your vest or load bearing equipment. Only 4 might be readily accessible and within your range of motion, the other two will usually be used to replace the 4 within the range of motion when needed.

Almost every game assumes that you are reloading from the same pouch, which of course is completely unrealistic, I’ve yet to see a game with this depth of ammunition management.

An added bonus is modelling the difference in speed when reloading from various pouches or various pouch positions. So after reloading once or twice, you have to move along to more “harder to reach” pouches, and as such will be slower.””

Tell me what you think.

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Gun models, including munitions, are taking over a minute to load it, with no hands or anything, just a blank screen. I usually run the game on very high or high settings, and my computer can more than take the graphics. This happens over all maps, i have tried to restart the game, and my computer to no success. Also a significant drop in framerate due to this new update, about 10-20 frames, to be exact. Attached is some proof of not-rendering player models, along with my computer info. Due note i am running a Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics card.

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