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I kinda know devs wont bother for adding anything new, but I still keep hoping they would at least hear us regarding how to fix current game so people would keep playing. I have posted earlier how I would improve the game, I guess we wont get anything changed but can always dream, eh?

For starters, I love graphics and in general game is 3/5 in my books, the details in game are simply awesome and the passion from devs clearly show in the game.

Unfortunately this, like other W40K games, is rather unpolished gem, missing a lot to be "The Perfect W40K Game Everyone Been Waiting For".

Game lacks, in my opinion, in these following parts:

  • Tactical-wise game is just stomping from A to B. classes dont have anything to do game-wise, for example there is no need for tech-marine (I so wished to see them in-game) for opening ways/set lights (or gravity) in ships, no designed terminator with chainfist/plasmatorch to open doors, no designed terminator to wear auspex device (to boost radar) etc, all these little things which are told in every single space hulk books. Game is too SIMPLE.

  • Even the newest L4D clone (Walking Dead) game has feature that extra noise attracts hordes of enemies. In Spacehulk game, it would add extra tension that if sneak wont success (and this would need the 1st thing on the list to be possible), you will get swarmed by thousand weaker genestealers (= waking the dormant genestealers from their nests).

  • Atmosphere is lacking audio-wise. No grand W40K music is booming, and in multiplayer terminators are quiet as fuck. This is the greatest mood-killer for me, as there are NO REPLIES FROM SQUADMATES, NO ACKNOWLEDGES OF COMING ENEMIES, NO REPORTS WHEN RELOADING / HAVING A JAM IN WEAPON/ USING SKILLS (I kinda expected at least Chaplain to have voice lines for skills, but no. That was the biggest disappointment when Chap was released). More importantly, there is NO TAUNTING. The amount of heresy if you can't yell "FOR THE EMPEROR" etc in W40K game is unbearable! Take model from Eternal Crusade, it at least had voice command wheel for multiple replies...Terminators feel so dead inside, even when taking damage they are more like brain dead servitors than living things, saying nothing!

  • Bolters, as said million times, sound like basic machineguns in any modern-era wargames. They lack OOMPH. One of the reasons (in addition of space marine bolter being nerfed to autogun, effect/dam wise) I avoid bolter is just the lame sound.

  • Librarian is limited to couple of skills, the wave + electrical shock feel as effective as wet towel, best skill from singeplayer was left from multiplayer (for what reason? too op? make 5mins cooldown and we fine.). Librarian should have at least shield bubble to absorb enemy fire, psychic shield for everyone against oneshotting enemy psykers.

  • Hybrids autoguns are ridiculous with their ability to kill so fast, their weapon type should tear the paint off from terminator armors, nothing else. We are talking about terminator armors, the living tank-suits of spacemarines, which can shrug off cannon shells and other light artillery. Hybrid weapons should be nuisances but definitely not a threat.

  • Chaplain should be limited for AURA-like skills, one boosting damage of allies (in range), second accuracy, third the amount of damage allies take. I would sacrifice my soul if Chaplain would quietly mutter Litanies Of Hate while the aura is on...

  • Spacehulks being too bright and there is practically zero reason why every light is on and each bonfire/candle blazing there, I would rather stomp in pitch black darkness inside the hulks, trusting only to squad's torches.

  • Melee is too simple, animations clumsy and boring. Assault's shield leaks so much damage it is practically useless. Enemies pop into pieces each time you hit them, would rather slice head/hands off with sword+axe and leave bursting to powerfist. Powerfist being slow but not blockable-hit would be nice too.

To clarify, the smallest but most important changes I would do to game (personal view) that I would keep playing are

  • Adding voice lines for terminators, in multiplayer (for skills, reporting jam/reload etc)
  • change bolter (mk1 and mk2) sounds
  • make option for spacehulk missions to be without additional lights, torches only

Simple as that. But as devs clearly abandoned the game, it leaves in the "hopeful wish"-section.

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bayonets making damage to enemies close range, banners actually wearable and giving slight buff to certain skill (armor/weapon reload speed/melee etc), and by wearing i mean this:
alt text

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I totally thought photomode would remove everything, but objective markers are still there, floating in middle of the screen.

Would appreciate them to disappear too for perfect recording, besides you can always look objective from the MAP (old style) if you lost in the hulk.

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Earlier wrote some suggestions for general gameplay ( but as developers are not too keen to keep the game alive, just venting my frustration ideas here.

I would make following changes to current weapons:

  1. boost bolters. They need to be the most common weapons. Add beefier sounds on both bolters (current mild gun sound is the main reason i dont use them in game), faster projectiles, better impact / limb tearings on hits. I would almost ditch the basic bolter completely, as stormbolters were mostly used on terminator campaigns.

  2. give Assault cannon + Plasma cannon a slight nerf:

  • Assault cannon should have slight chance to jam even with booster parts, plus overheating barrels if shooting too long (in wiki: "The weapon is prone to overheating and jams due to its high rate of fire"). Boost damage to compensate this, as assault cannons should reap through the heavily armoured tyranids with ease.

  • Plasmacannon is notorious weapon for a reason (in wiki: "--are prone to overheating, destabilisation and misfire"), so rather than it having recharges, add overheat-bar, and if you cross it weapon either misfires or explodes, taking the weapon arm with you (or killing the terminator at worst). Add better sound for plasmaweapons, current "pew pew" is mild and not giving the proper respect for plasmaweapons. Respect their machine spirits!

  1. Change flamer damage and reload system. Make it melt enemies with one woosh (we are talking about 900°C temperatures!), make corridors glow white after doing so, make terrain stay as area that deals damage to tyranids. Earlier when flames stayed on ground it made tyranids change route, it was good and Emperor approved, why it was removed is beyond me. Compensate high damage value with smaller fuel tanks and really slow "reload" mechanics (in wiki: "Heavy Flamers must be fuelled by backpack fuel canisters"). So tactical use in tight spots can clear the coming hordes, but spray&pray type of usage will just make you wave empty fuel tank angrily at coming enemies. I would love to have heavy flamer as it is in books; tactical usage on clearing most dense, tightly packed enemies or holding the perimeter, covering others. But not as main weapon when moving forward (flames blind others and heat is as devastating to terminators as for the enemies, current friendly fire from flamer is a joke).

I don't wanna continue my rant about melee weapons (but I do anyway), whereas melee in Vermintide 1 + 2 is nice and has a nice physical impact in it, melee in Deathwing is unsatisfying, clumsy, lazily animated, and hits make every enemy explode (i know weapons have power fields, and they are supposed to pulverize the enemy on contact, but currently there is no real satisfying impact in melee, hitting the enemy feels exactly the same like hitting the air), there is no proper parry system for quick parry moves, melee swinging is so boring. Shield leaks through basic hits and is more unreliable than plasmaweapon in hands of an ork.

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I can't see cyclone missile launchers working, by lore they were the long range weaponry for terminators (open field battles) but in space hulks bolters/melee/flamers were more suited.

Game-wise it would be cool, but I can't see any proper usage in narrow places, with three other terminators pushing on the way constantly.

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@steakboy1 said in Feedback - Hybrids and Auto-guns vs Terminator Armor (Balance in game vs in universe): Imagine the panic of hearing the claws tearing

But we know NO fear, Brother. Feeling fear is impossibility to us. The rush of adrenalive from battle, the keen senses guiding us to terminate the xenos, the mutant, the heretic! Twin hearts pumping till the last drop of blood until we hasten to the Emperor's side.

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@steakboy1 Terminator armours shrug off most ballistic weapons, if they would fall to so meagre weapons as autoguns/krak missiles they would be never used in books/games as frontal assault.

The thing with clawed genestealers that "each one is deadly as the another one", mostly because their claws can puncture though the heavy terminator armour, not necessarily killing the astartes inside it but mostly damaging the suit : severing cables and power source, thus making terminator more vulnerable to other genestealer attacks until kill strike or suit fails the terminator, making it his tomb.

Some damage redcution should be made to ranged hybrids in my opinion, at No Mercy one krak missile on torso made armor deep orange (with +20% armor and +30%hp limbs) which is a bit strange. Or not to touch enemy hp/damage levels on higher diff levels, just add bigger enemy waves in addition of randomized events (no lights, no fully revealed map, no tracking radar blips on enemy movement) or so.

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@streumon-f8 said in Suggestion for immersion and "fixes":

You guys have been on fire with the suggestions lately! Thank you very much, that's a lot of stuff to think about once the major bugfixes are out of the way 👍

I personally hope you guys also start to make some changes to the game WHILE addressing most critical game bugs and errors, since if you tally too long, you notice the game lobbies being as empty as it was in previous game.

Atm at lvl ~90, playing 77 hours and unlocking most stuff, No Mercy and FF does not feel like a threat, and would love to see new things introduced to give more variety to th characters and maps (i would love to have maps without any light sources than terminator armours, and have more voice lines for them also!!!!).

Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment, 'tis we all know too well. Especially after how badly game dev/designer folks were in touch with the community in previous Deathwing version, months after months of nothing. This game deserves to be the best W40K available, but not unless some things are changed and updates introduced.

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I was personally stunned when I played 1st mission back then, and died on first enemies that were these ranged weapon hybrids. I noticed they had small caliber weapons that should AT MOST scratch the paint from terminator armour, but laughter died on my lips when I also saw my health bar blink red, before that notorious "you have brought shame to the chapter" text.

In lore terminator armours shrug off cannon rounds and most ballistic projectiles. These stubbers should not be a threat by any means, it feels so stupid hybrids are more dangerous than purebreed genestealers. Since I approve the deadliness of normal genestealers, as by lore they hava adamantium claw that ARE capable to hack through our armours.

Issues are with rangd hybrids. Should they be there at all. Their weapons (krak missiles and autoguns) should not be any threat, I would accept them as mere nuisances, but not as the most deadliest of enemies in this game.

Game-wise, with respect to lore and reality, would it be impossible to either turn them into "sentries" to alarm more genestealers, than be a threat of their own? and make their weapon just a tool for increasing noise level that aggro more enemies to terminator location (see my list of suggestions/fixes

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Those are just my personal suggestions how to add a bit more depth to the game. Game already looks stunning to the smallest details, but with a bit of polishing and adding additional stuff, game would have increased gaming value.

Adding a bit more details for my suggestions:

  1. only for random missions and on higher difficulty, hide map

      1. only for random missions and on higher difficulty, hide enemy spawns/movement in radar/map (unless special device equipped)
        --> with this would love to edit perks/gear in-game lobby, to have short tactical with players who takes what, and for example if someone would already have the designed auspex device to reveal moving enemies to all players.
  2. Only in random missions, on higher difficulties, map would be dark without other light sources than terminator suit's torches. It would add any sense to have torch on (atm it is not any use as lights are up everywhere) and to that special weapon scope that increases sight on dark areas. Also i'm talking about atmosphere: moving in narrow corridors, with suit's light bouncing with each step, checking and re-checking each shadowy corridor and door. The feeling of venturing deeper into unknown hulk would be more powerful.

  3. More enemies (roughly "quantity over quality"). Vermintide 2 does this right: massive waves that are purely of smaller, weaker enemy types. I would also like to see that when you increase difficulty, the AMOUNT of enemies INCREASE, spewing hundreds of weakest tyranid types against the terminators from all directions. I think we face those invisible tyranids and those bombers enough as it is. So practically would love to fight more enemies, than have few but deadly ones.

  4. About tactical teamplay, ofc each class has it's limited function (psyker--> turrets, tactical+chap --> res, apo heal) but that is pretty no-brainer. I would add a bit more depth to each class, like psyker choosing over protective/destructive powers, tactical dealing with doors (I would love to have more detailed door mechanisms, like plasmatorching/chainfisting heavy doorways, while others would need to protect him) and so on.

Also would like to see genestealers trying to tear doors open unless welded shut. Also bigger ones should pry the gates open (just as in the first trailers): at 0:53 !!!!!

  1. nothing more to add to my original post about audio, would like to have more of it from terminator side. The ingame voice lines would add immersion of them being there, rather than the dull silence what we have currently in multiplayer. As people mostly use Teamspeak/Steamchat/Discord for voice chat anyway, and the possible option to lower character dialogue volumes, I would not see any issue of terminators having own voice lines on skill-usage and commenting environment, just replying to @Jab

  2. Chaplain skills need to be scaled down and mass-res turned into something else. Chaplain is a powerful spiritual leader, so adding battleshout to increase damage (as we have damage reflect/reduce already) would make sense. But again, voice lines for activating skills would be needed!

Librarian in multiplayer is a husk from singleplayer, it needs some delicious skills (as listed in original post above).

Just my opinions. I LOVE THIS GAME! I just would like to see some improvements and faith it will get more players as it deserves.