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@nivlacace bch plz ... DE are glass canon ... Who give a f* when nobody can hurt you ?

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@romeo said in Scuttle, orks and boarding rework.:

Frankly, I don't understand who's activating the bombs during scuttle anyways. If anything, it should require a minimum of one crew to scuttle (Which would tie in even better with the upcoming troop damage over time change). If you take out their crew before the scuttle completes, it should stop the process.

Nonsens because ships are instahulked in many situations. The counterpart of ramming/boarding spam tactics is scuttle, precisely.

The crew indicator refers to the operational level of the ship, not the crew itselve. "0" does not mean that there is not a single living member left, which would be unimaginable for ships that have about 60,000 crewmen, but not enough to run the ship.

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@jamodon said in Spam Spam Spam <monty python>:

This would destroy creativity and in fact reduce fleet diversity.

Lel ...

Your are confusing creativity with optimization.

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@Romeo in the current meta, BS are totally useless (for most fleets) precisely because they are vulnerables to boarding spam (what the TT book try to prevent).

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