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@hotdogchef said in I honestly hate this game [Mostly rant/complaint]:

Dode74, one of the leader mods, don't really have a clue but pretends he does.
Mori and Darkson will countersay you until they run into a heartattack many years from now.

The three of them live their lives on this forum.

What was that part about ad hominem attacks again?

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@koadah said in Blood bowl - The Sisyphus game:

I thought I'd heard you suggest changes.

Suggesting, not demanding, being the key there.

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@hotdogchef said in Blood bowl - The Sisyphus game:

Bad players (stupid people) likes games they can win in. Blood bowl 2 provides this. Suffer alot of losses, create maim team, sit and wait to get a lower TV team to kill. ANY retard can do this, and actually win some. I got that right, did I not. Yes I did!

No you didn't. In fact, you don't make any sense at all by now. What ARE you complaining exactly about now? In that last paragraph alone you seem to say that

  1. bad and/or stupid players like BB because they can win, but
  2. don't care about winning but killing you.

Do you really still fail to see that, to some degree, it is the utter chaos that can occur in BB that has kept this game alive for such a long time? Of course that means you can get unlucky, but you have been told several times here: Superior skill prevails. Play enough games and the skill WILL shine through. After all, the skill here is in preparing for the worst of situations and minimizing risks.

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The toolbox we’re working with allows us to be much more reactive in developing believable behavior, by constantly improving the AI reactions based on our test team results. Potentially, this same toolbox would allow us, post-game release, to open the AI scripting to the community.

I think that's all there ever was (from an ancient developer blog on tumblr

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If by tackling you mean having a dodging player fall down then no, you should not get SPP. Who should get those anyway when there are several players eligible? For surfing you likewise do not get SPP. After all, it is the crowd causing the injury and you do'nt even get to break armour.
So it definitely is'nt a bug, it reflects the rules as intended.

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@voodoomike said in Another day with Claw, sad...:

@jrco said in Another day with Claw, sad...:

Your trying to make me look like a fool, is not just unfair, it make me believe you have data but have not done a deep analysis of them. I don't have access to your data, yes, doesn't mean what I say based on experience is necerrally stupid.

No, you're making yourself look like a fool, and I don't mean the fact that you consistently use "your" in place of "you're" and can't spell "necessarily".

"Your trying [...] is unfair" can be seen as correct 😛

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May I remind you that you were the one claiming "there is data" without saying where?

@jrco said in Another day with Claw, sad...:

I disagree. You take short cut and make a statement that I believe is very wrong. For example : take a vamp team, very often they are the higher TV team, But Rarely the best team. Usually inducement severely imbalance game for the lower team in that case. And there are other examples. And there are Data to prove it, if Vampire were a dominant team data would show it ..... and it isn't the case.

I even asked you for it:

@vulpes said in Another day with Claw, sad...:

Where is the data you claim proves your point?

I checked the most recent, easiest accessible data, voodoomike already had the long term picture years ago by aquired data. So how about you?

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So where do you want to go with that? That's a fine anecdote and congratulations on doing so well with your Rookie Vamps, but it is still that: an anecdote. We are talking a statistical advantage here. Where is the data you claim proves your point? I checked last season CCL on PC and it does not (still, that's only 1116 games, not that relevant. far more though than your 5).

Edit: 4 actually. You already played the other fresh team in your league 😛

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Those rolls are in fact for your own team, so not how often you inflicted armourbreaks/injuries/casualties but how often you sustained them. Pretty counterintuitive, especially when in the rules it is the other way around.
As to what they mean: armour is pretty straightforward, every hit causes an armour roll. On success of that you get an injury roll, failure here means stun, successes KO or casualty. Now failures on the casualty roll mean badly hurt, successes permanent damages.

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@Drenghbar You do not have to buy any team to play AGAINST it, though.

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@Titler said in Bombardier Bomb Doesn't Roll Against Armour When Knocking Chainsaw Down:

It knocked him down, but the Goblin should have been also KO'd at least on the fall, due to the Kickback etc. Instead he was left prone without even being stunned.

I didn't try to replicate that bug yet, but that part in your statement is just wrong. Again, there may veryy well be a bug in there, but a chainsaw hit by a bomb should not be KO'd "at least".

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Ctrl to cicle through the modes, including showing all skills and only showing skills got by level up

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Oh, and of course accurate and failed catch, scatter not caught (no SPP, turnover). Just for the sake of completeness 😉

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  • accurate and (due to the designated catcher not being able to hold onto it) somebody else on your team catching the scatter (no SPP and no turnover)
  • fumbled and somebody catching the scatter (no SPP, turnover)
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As I said, then it could be used for successfull Dodges and GFIs as well. As per the rules you are allowed to reroll those as well and that would slow it down. So I'm saying you are right, though the change I proposed would work for more than that rare occasion.

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There's a button labeled "X" to their right in the roster overview. Click it, confirm their forced retirement and voilà!

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Well, as per the rules, there should be a 4+ to see if the chainsaw is affected by the bomb. If that succeeds then it is knocked down, causing an armour roll with +3 for the chainsaw. That doesn't mean it is an automatic KO "at least". If he is left prone without stunned though, then there should have been a successfull 4+ and an unsuccessfull armour roll.

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Well, if we were asked if we want to use a team RR after every successfull action, that would slow the game down pretty much. Maybe an option to use the RR in the overlay, not asking to confirm not using it? There may be cases when you prefer to go down on a dodge/gfi as well, so to prevent being blocked for a chainpush.

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@senik said in I'm just an old indignant collaborator ...:

My utmost indignation has come with this:

Pay € 39 for the Blood Bowl 2 I have in my Steam bookstore about a year and a half ago.
And now Focus has decided to take a legendary edition, which includes an expansion that is about to leave, and all races for which I wanted to charge 7 euros during all these months.

And what is my surprise. That not only when buying this edition Focus does not reduce me in any way the purchase price to have the Blood Bowl 2. Not only this.
Also, do not give me a copy of Blood Bowl 2 so I can give it to anyone.

Do they look like a fool? Do you think I'm an idiot ?.

In other types of extensions or purchases, I have seen as having a product of a pack, the final price was reduced.
But in this case not, in this case I pay the full and I lose product.

That sounds like you bought the legendary edition instead of the expansion. Even if you had none of the teams released as dlcs before LE, you still pay less for getting all of those + expansion than buying LE if you already have the base game. That's a thing that in my opinion was made pretty clear from the get-go right at the time LE was announced.

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