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@sharkxpunch said in State of the Game update?:

Thank you for the message. We understand the principle here, that we have been quiet throughout development, with minimal updates.
The real thing about game development that sometimes people talk about enough of, is the idea of over promising and under delivering, which sometimes happens quite often. It would not be right of us to show "very general" or very rough things, as things change at an incredible pace.
It also depends on the value of the 30mins update. Sometimes a week goes by with little change, and then 3 weeks a BAM a ton of things update that need testing, fixing etc.
Please, allow us to build a communication roadmap that is efficient and we'll start talking when we have some super solid things to share.
Thank you.

It's ok but we are not insisting on some screenshots or smth like this,
Just tell us a bit about the process - are u doing well, can hope to get into CBT or OBT in the first part of the year.
Mb u need some community oppiniouns? C:

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I hope i will recive this amazing e-mail 😃

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There is pre-alfa recruting so make ur enters guys

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So can someone from gamedev stuff reply us? I hope we got this features, cz we need more differences in sub-factions.