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@Iyagovos Encountering the same issue here. When I got within I believe 50m of the initial objective, i.e. speaking to Petrescu at the door, I was forced to a walk and kept that way for roughly 20m. After speaking with him at the door I proceeded to the gate and eavesdropped on the conversation, Nurse Crane was invisible but spoke and she had subtitles. After the cutscene completed Petrescu continued to stand at the door and I was show no objective, thought the quest title remained on the right side of the screen. After this occured I was unable to speak with any Citizens. I reloaded the save and the "Investigate Darius Petrescu's actions" objective appeared once again, but Petrescu was still standing by the door at which he converses with Nurse Crane and the blood pool was nonexistent. I was able to speak with the woman selling the Cordial, but again unable to proceed. I bought this game a few days ago for Xbox One and I must say I'm very disappointed. I have been following this game since a year before release and I was extremely excited to finally be able to play.

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