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Another one in Crossing, with the screenshot....Rocks in F6

0_1535926514144_Insurgency Screenshot 2018.09.03 - 0_1535926517858_Insurgency Screenshot 2018.09.03 -

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MK14 Too much recoil at mid/long range and not enough points to equip it well with scope and recoil controling attachment... Loses a fight against pkm/akm at mid to long range. Not acceptable especially now that you need to be a marksman to have it and not advisor... Need some damage or attachments points buff

M24-Mosin-Nagant A lot of attachments/equipment points for this two weapons, needs to balance it with the second weapon of the class (SVD or MK-14)

PKM/M249 Need to nerf the m249 (a bit more recoil maybe?) PKM seems pretty good

FAL Could use the 7x scope even if it means less equipment points for the rest, no?
Compensator and foregrip should cost 2 not 3, they are the base attachments you need to begin controling the weapon (at least in the beginning)
Maybe extended mag if you dont play it as a long range sniper (7x or ext mag?)

You guys are doing a great job, keep it this way, fantastic game in the making!

Feel free to complete with the weapons you think need tweaking. Those are the ones i play a lot (especially marksman and advisor). Please no trash talk or spam.

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SUMMIT : E4 on the grid. Rocks on the left of the path when you are walking down, if you get in it you cannot get out and get stuck in a falling animation loop

CROSSING : When you get down to D point in push, going on the left, there is a small barb-wire fence next to a orange/red house, if you get on the wall (there is a small path you can climb on) and then try to fall behind the barb wire fence, you get stuck. Going prone gets you out but needs a fix

Thanks for the game guys, even in beta state it is hella fun guys, amazing job!!! Nailed the gunplay 😉