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@Netheos @cardamon @inebula These are not screenshots. If they are they are screenshots that have been run through photoshop. This game is the biggest disappointment I have seen in closed beta's in a very long time. I've beta tested a ton of games over the past decade and this is by far the most misleading beta experience based on "content" that is being released. This game will fail like many others who thought deceiving the player base would get them sales. Both me and my friends who love shooters and were very excited for this game have spent less than 20 minutes on the game because of how bad it is. One of the most misleading experiences of my life in gaming. Maybe if the company didn't put out visually stunning "screenshots" and video of the gameplay and get our expectations up for no reason it would be tolerable. But it's not even close to what they give the impression it will be.