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I got stuck on Refinery (PVP/push/attack) at the bin between Spawn and A cap. Happened as I tried to vault over the space between the van and bin. At first I was stuck standing with my torso sticking above the bin; after going prone I was in the bin itself and couldn't stand back up.

First screenshot was during the actual game when it happened. Second screenshot shows the angle of approach that got me stuck.

0_1542296879925_Screenshot (54).png

0_1542296919213_Screenshot (56).png

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Everything has been running well previously till I upgraded my graphics card from an RX580 to a Vega 56. Now I get this character model glitch but only in the main menu; everything else seems fine (in-game class loadout, gameplay etc).

I don't think it's a faulty card as I've yet to encounter any issues anywhere else in Sandstorm, BF4 nor in 3DMark Fire Strike tests.

0_1538505227833_Screenshot (13).png
0_1538505258900_Screenshot (14).png

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Some non-critical suggestions for the Appearance Menu as someone who enjoys character customization:

  1. A menu filter to toggle between showing 'all' items and 'purchased' items
  2. The ability to manually zoom in/out of our character (to see how a particular customization looks as a whole instead of the zoom being locked in)
  3. The ability to rotate our character (similar to weapons customization but perhaps restricted to a horizontal rotation)
  4. Perhaps a 'cart' system where we can preview multiple items at the same time (current system only allows us to preview one item at a time)


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