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It has been visible, for me at least. Your entire screen takes on a grainy picture quality to it. ...Or was that a radiation burst doing that?

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Unlike others I am not going to cancel my pre-order over this, but I would like to add in my two cents.

If you are simply the type that either prefers only skirmishes, or co-op vs AI, locking certain abilities behind multiplayer-only leveling is not fair to them. That was not the case in BFG Armada 1 and I see no reason for it to be the reason here.

I would make a suggestion.

I would like it if all upgrades could be available right from the start if you are playing either skirmishes, co-op vs AI, or non-ranked multiplayer. Sometimes you just want to hop on after a day of work and play a few rounds with a friend, or against a bot to unwind. I know that's certainly the case with me. Having abilities locked behind multiplayer only leveling is not fun in such a scenario. I would leave the leveling lock-outs to ranked play only. I personally have no interest in ranked play at all, but I know there are plenty out there who enjoy that kind of thing and they like the extra challenge. Leave the leveling lock-outs for them, while those of us simply looking to unwind or have fun with friends can have the whole range of abilities and upgrades.

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I would like to add my own small quality of life suggestions.

  1. I do like how the battle UI takes up less screen space, but I would really like it if each faction's UI down there had it's own feel to it like they did in BFG Armada 1. The Big Red Button for the Orks needs to be a Big Red Button. It's just one of those little flavor things that I loved from the first game.

  2. Whoever thought up the name "Krumpin' Zones" for the Orks anti-asteroid upgrade needs a raise because when I first read that I was laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair. It's brilliant and DON'T YOU DARE change it.

  3. I agree with the ability to name individual ships in a custom fleet. It's part of the immersion that Edwarddod mentioned that I loved about the first. Also feels necessary because you better believe I've got my tabletop ships named.

  4. I disagree with seeing your opponents faction before selecting your ships in random games. It's best to prepare for all comers, not min/max against a specific opponent.