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Hi everyone

Not sure if I'm the only one. But there been a few bug happen in my games.

General game play

  • Freezing. From time to time, mainly in combat. Part of the game will freeze for a few second & jump about.

Special mission

  • Ability. Will take the Heavy Support Terminator as a exsample. If I click the O button for place a mine. There been a few time it stuck on this, with the mind regardless press L2 to place it or R2 to cancel. It just mean I'm not able to use my main weapon & ether have to get slay in the mission or re-start it all after spend say half a hour to 45 minute 😞

Again not sure if anyone else is experience this, but though bring it up.


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@streumon-f8 Thanks. Just with the ability it only seem to be on the special mission.

Also meant to say with my other topic. It turn out the mission was timed, I just didn't notice due to the calacuting bar been same use for other thing eg: C.A.T down loading information for example.

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