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Re: [PS4 Deathwing](few bugs)
A while back (May) I posted this topic, bring up some of the issue I was having with the PS4 Space Hulk game

Since the update a few month ago. I'm still having issue with

Heavy Support Terminator (Assault cannon, Plasma Cannon, etc...). Where if I use the skill for place a mine (pressing the O button), it lock in & I'm not able to do anything. I can't fire my chose weapon or make any forum of attack. In fact it happen that this very moment. No matter how much I've press L2 or R2, nothing work & mean I have to re-start the mission.

It often happen when trying to hack one of the cannons to ether use or destroy them in game. I've taken a few videos of this, but not to sure how to upload them beside been posted on my personal facebook.

Another few bugs I've notice has been
In mission where you got to destroy the lifts. Often in the Cadian & Mine maps. I've found my Terminators if there near the edge will just die right away. I've also notice the Genestealer running & falling over the side.

When I've arm a Terminator with Thunder Hammer. He doesn't really move when attacking, say like the arm's. But will show the genestealer been slay.

Again just though I'd bring this up.


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I'm current on one of the special mission on the Rouge Trader ship & one of my Terminators seem to be trap.
I hope this make sense. When you leave the room that has the skulls & Blood Angels helmet on the table. There a sort hidden path with the metal sheet cover it & it has a rocky path, it just one of my Terminators is trap on the rocks & will not move ether using the command, when Genestealer are attacking or when trying to push them (usely they move to one side if your going past).

This tend to happen on the Black Templar ship as well with some of the vents, but you can often sort that out by walk past & having the Terminator walk to one side.

Just I don't want to re-start the game as I've already spent the past 20 minute on this mission.

Just wonder if anyone else has had this issue?


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@streumon-f8 Thanks. Just with the ability it only seem to be on the special mission.

Also meant to say with my other topic. It turn out the mission was timed, I just didn't notice due to the calacuting bar been same use for other thing eg: C.A.T down loading information for example.

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Hi everyone

Not sure if I'm the only one. But there been a few bug happen in my games.

General game play

  • Freezing. From time to time, mainly in combat. Part of the game will freeze for a few second & jump about.

Special mission

  • Ability. Will take the Heavy Support Terminator as a exsample. If I click the O button for place a mine. There been a few time it stuck on this, with the mind regardless press L2 to place it or R2 to cancel. It just mean I'm not able to use my main weapon & ether have to get slay in the mission or re-start it all after spend say half a hour to 45 minute 😞

Again not sure if anyone else is experience this, but though bring it up.


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Hi everyone

It was just to check if I'm doing something wrong or if it is a issue with the PS4 Deathwing game?

I am currently on mission 4, that the part where you have to deal with the three power relays.
However, no matter the order (play this mission three time today). Any time I have gotten to the third relay, it say I've failed in the mission. All that happen is I've enter into the room where the third relay is & maybe slay a genestealer, only for it to say I've failed.

Also there been a few moment in the game where it has frozen for a few second during combat.


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