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Not a bad idea. Maybe an Explorer Mode where users can join a random lobby and just go guns blazing, no points, no objective, unlimited respawn, just messing around, and trying various things. I think it would be a fun thing for players who want that RNG, and for people to come familiar with maps, class, guns, etc. There would be various weapons cache around the maps where players can reload, resupply, and safe zones where players who want to take the time to customize a class and try it live. maybe a mini games of koth by capturing a building and holding off against the lobby for 10 mins.

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@chaton said in New Release Date in December:

Improve the character models, textures, and animations in the game
Improve the “scoped” experience for both high and low-quality scope settings
Improve the level visuals, gameplay and optimization
Add more cosmetic item variations and a new

Im glad that the team is taking as much time as they need because the last thing you want is a broken game from launch like EA, Ubisofts, and other gaming company that do not deliver. Thank you for the continuous hard work guys we all appreciate the smallest fixes and improvements; it goes a long way.