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Can't we just bind individual voice commands to buttons? I have six buttons I don't use on my mouse...

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You guys are adding votekick? That's awesome, does that mean you'll remove the damage reflection early April fools joke too? Or at least make it toggleable?

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Malfunctions can go fuck themselves, but the rest of this is pretty much on point.

I understood Ins/DoI to be hardcore guns with arcadey gamemodes. They've made steps in the right direction with weapons handling such as the staged reloads, but the bullets especially in this game just do not deliver.

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Everything needs a damage boost. FAL and M14 used to kill with thigh shots once upon a time. Ins2014's gunplay was something they got right.

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Or M4 or MK18 or anything which isn't a FAL, SVD or MG right?

This is something Sandstorm got extremely wrong.

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@turyl said in What I think Insurgency Sandstorm gets RIGHT.:

  1. Powerful unforgiving weapon damage.

If you make a mistake, aren't situationally aware, or just aren't fast/skilled enough, you die.
This adds tension to every aspect of the game.

If you get ''one shot from across the map'' or an unexpected position, it's because you made the wrong move. NOT because the weapons are too powerful.

Joking or serious?

alt text

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Just my two cents...

I think ADS should be centre screen and non-ADS should be wherever it's pointing.

If I see a target in reality, I'm going to turn my face and eyes to bear on it. If subsequently raise my weapon, I'm going to raise it dead-centre on where I'm looking as I'm looking dead centre at a human being who's intending to kill me.

If I have the weapon shouldered but my eyes are above my sights for peripheral view, that weapon isn't going to be dead centre where I'm looking the whole time. I feel the current system models this perfectly.

If your suggestion is followed, it models a scenario where you bring your eye to the rifle. I feel this is wrong and the current model which better represents bringing the rifle to your eye is more in-line with reality.

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Nothing since December 21st.

It was Christmas, which is fair enough.

But still, we've been waiting since the closed alpha for the damage model to get fixed... The game still doesn't run well and it was supposed to have been released in September...

I don't think it'd be unreasonable to say (the community and) I would appreciate a little back-and-forth about the decision making which is going on. What's being prioritised and why?

...I mean, we recently witnessed a whole load of development time get totally wasted on the damage reflection charade which could've been avoided by asking the community if they thought it wasn't a batshit crazy idea in advance...

Are the guns getting fixed next patch? Will rifle rounds to the heart and lungs of unarmoured targets start doing more than making people stumble slightly?

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@zucchini said in SVD, EBR, flechettes, FAL in competitive:

Chokes although slightly unrealistic in a military sense would be cool for the game, however I fell like I would always chose the tightest grouping one anyway...

That angry bots server on Ins2014 had chokes as an option for the shotguns. I thought I'd do the same, but in my opinion it depends on the range of the map. If it's balanced similarly at least.

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I'd prefer a leaf sight over the quadrant sight currently ingame. What they should add (in my opinion) is the ability to use the mouse scroll wheel while aiming down the sight to either rotate the quadrant sight or better still change the alignment of a leaf sight for distance. Been wanting this since Ins2014 but nobody seemed to care as much as I.

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