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@nokadota Thank Mate, I will keep an eye out for the update.

( Still if anyone ever heard about this error I'm experiencing please hit me up, if you ever found a solution. Just added this because I am having problems with MudRunnerPlus since March already...)

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Eyyo Gents,

So I am having an issue with MudRunner Plus. It was working well before the last 2 update came out for MudRunner, ever since I just cant get it working, even though I have tried different versions of the MudRunnerPlus.

I have followed the instructions as always. The modpath is correct and its linked to my Steam-MudRunner directory inside the SpintiresMod.

When I start the MudRunner.exe , the tools are not there in the settings menu (even if MRP is enabled/installed ).
When I have MRP enabled/installed my game crashes on start, when I start the MudRunner.181119.LAAPatched.exe.

The Message I get is :
"Direct3DCreate9 Hook Failed - EStack Overflow: Stack Overflow"

"Mudrunner has stopped working"

(I have the bink2w.32dll file)

I have tried deleting everything, uninstalling the whole game. Re installing. Nothing have worked so far. Any ideas or suggestions?
( All the "exe" files are added to my firewall and antivirus program so that should not be the problem.
The Game version I have is: 22.03.19 )

So any advices or ideas are welcome! Cheers, White Wolf

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To the developers of MudRunner,

As a user who bought this game and enjoy it,
I hereby would like to join the ones before and expressy desire to have this game fixed/extended to 64bit. Spintires has a such a big and wonderful community and we all have been waiting for something like MudRunner to come which could bring everything further for the better. This game has amazing potential for all users and modders yet to be able to extend the possibilities and be able to use the full potential of the game we would need that you expend it to 64bit so we can enjoy it the most.
Please , you made something nice but dont stop here, move on and listen to the people who play this game. Learn from what happened to Spintires and show that you care for your fanbase and for the people who spent money on your game! Thank you in advance!