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I really don't get the complaint about gay romances in a tread about aestetic of male companions, it seem to me almost just a jump in to shut up any kind of request from female players that happen to be straight.

But that is just my personal impression, so I'll just say that I would like more uniqueness in look for male companions like female ones had in the past, be the romance straight or gay.
What can I say, I like guys, I happen to be female, so I of course speak with in mind male guys for my female character. That doesn't mean I just want just straight male companions to look unique/good looking, but male companions in general, and even if in the end is the writing that make a character shine, having said character look good/particular/memorable like the female ones help a lot.

I don't know how male companions were for Technomancer, since the fixed male protagonist had me not interested in the game.

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I could not say it as well as Domi, but I fully agree with her. It would be great to have more "unique" looking male companions. I'll add "sexier" looking would be great 😛
I don't like much the anime look in most japanese games, where guys end up looking very young or some times even feminine, but there are example where the guys are actually designed to just be attractive guys, like (in my opinion, at least) Gladio and Ignis from FFXV.