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Yep, there are tons of replays I wish I had to save and share, and I could of sold my friends on, doing this and removing that leveling system in MP for skills, are pretty good things to do to remove barrier from entry. I want to buy this game ( with my own cash) for two of my friends to play but Im stuck on the fence because of these numbers. I already bought it for my best friend because I know he would enjoy it because its was 40k and ships, but for the otheres, they need more than that to play, and sometimes you have to show them how the game is fun.

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thoughts ?

I know there will be a drop off from single player people and just people that bought and played for a few days, but I dont really see much marketing, events, or anything to sort of grow the community. I know there is a few streamers that enjoy showing off this game, and you tubers, can this community grow. For all the complaining that is done, I find most of the people here are decent compared to the greater gaming community and its a nice change in pace. Edit : Im not saying spend a lot of money on marketing, but maybe putting in a replay or even observation type configuration would be helpful from the devs.

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The thing is, though your saying outside of ram torp, that is their bread and butter and because it is so, you can bring whatever other guns to bear you want, I run gothics, because its nice to snipe frigates with and towards the end of the game get the much needed crit on sub systems. Carriers are worth it for a fighter screen, if you refuse to swap to reload stance and go into brace, oridance doesn't touch you.And Macro cannon builds help with dps during the sustained fights vs orks and other Thicc boys. Im not sure how carrier fleets give you so much trouble after you can swap out skills, Reload stance, commisar, and ram / torp speed. for carriers close formation and spear for supporting turret fire. Frigates moving stealth on the flanks or rush a daunt ahead asap so you can get the MWJ off faster. Will see this weekend if I meet up with any of these impossible carrier fleets. I think IN need one thing and one thing only, super durable frigates, or make frigates cheaper so you can take more of them, and the only reason I say this is for more scanning in the Eldar fights, without making me need to drop too much dps for the rest of my fights. Hell or give me a LC that is pricy but has a ping

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@jawrippa said in MWJ discussion.:

In my opinion MWJ is one of the most unfun abilities in the game. The game's essential part of "hunt down the frigates" in order to fight for point control becomes very dangerous since that escort can always summon his bigger brother. In 2v2 it is even more ridiculous, since it allows you to turn it into 2v1 as you can teleport your flagship into enemy backline while your enemy has to reorinate his frontline in order to help his sandviched teammate.

Lol can you show me where on this doll the IN player rammed you ? Seriously expect MWJ to be a thing, and use tactics that force a bait, or setup a death to the MJW ship. The only point I agree with is that it is not fluffy, as casual trips into the warp might end with the ship disappearing lol.

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You get only two kinds of pizza, cheese and sausage, you fly those around the map and be happy :P. Necron choices from my understanding have been like this always in the tt so its understandable.

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Above 85% HP you can take only ignore armor/fires crits, between 50% and 85% susbsystem crit chance is reduces by 50% (compared to fires/ignore armor) --> This is to remove the early crits and also as a lore view, you need the armor to be destroyed before hitting the systems
Instead of selecting a subsystem on enemy, you select on your ships what subsystem he will focus --> works like behavior panel ( love this idea, but concerning if you have different ship types, I might focus a deck on a flag ship if Im going to moral bomb, but still want my broadsides and stray fire to hit others in the engines or other sub system)
Not sold on the idea, but be interesting to try.

Only susbsystems in the hit arcs can be damaged (so engines only from rear and no more from sides/ torps launchers only from front...). Deck is front + sides and generator sides + rear but both have a innate reduced chance to get hitted --> Emphasize a good positionning to get the crits you need instead of just click the button on the enemy I believe this is already implemented in the game, if not, there is a lot less % chance of a crit when for example your not facing engines, to get an engine crit. Tested this out with a buddy in game.

The specific subsystem only works for lances crits (they are the only accurate enough weapons to target something specific) --> A little buff to lances and also more lore accurate
Fires can only comes from macros crits
Lock on give crit chance only for lances --> to compensate the accuracy that works only for macros
Once again it would be interesting to try out the idea but, this seems like a massive game change that will unbalance the entire game as it currently stands. Sometimes you need to focus engines with Macros to win vs someone, and that option shouldn't be taken away, also this is basically naval combat in space, you can order cannon broadsides at close range to target sub systems.

Good ideas, but I wouldn't be a fan of these kinds of tweeks, maybe the first one as it has the least impact with the best benefit to gameplay. Imo this game as at the point where minor tweaks need to be looked at not entire reworks.

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Torps and Ram are highly usable vs all factions. Even if you don't hit with a Torp it can make the enemy move a certain way you want them to. Dauntless and non ram fleets I have less exp with but have heard nothing but solid comments on. There are a few ships in our lineup that are oddballs, the other LCs besides dauntless, and the other battleships in the list, mostly the other 3 not good old Ret, you put a Spur on any of them, and I would mess around with them in builds though. Eldar are by far the hardest match up VS IN, but I am told in the right hands Nyd carrier fleets are disgusting, upper legendary haven't seen this yet. Eldar are tough because your playing the long game, with each side waiting for the other to mess up, If the Eldar messes up I eat him alive, If he doesn't I win, but the dynamic can get real stale, and imo double daunts are needed in most IN fleets, just because of how easy it is to chop apart Eldar comparably. I believe IN sits at a very respectable spot right now. I dont all out hate any match up though Eldar would be the most frustrating, I have yet to blame anything but poor ram /torp micro, or bringing my gothic fleet ( lance boats in general need to be looked at again imo). Weakest race I can see right now is Admech, but that because they do something similiar to the tau gun line, stack 5 gothics and shoot at a enemy coming in , anything that isn't new , this barely is successful. SM are super easy to pop off so far as IN, they dont expect to get dps down as fast as they do, not to mention start with the small ships and work your way up to the big ships, that might help.

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@realfinney that was fixed with the way boarding was reworked, not call to arms.

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I dont find the new call to arms to be worth it no matter the amount of stacks, if ship has 18 stacks on it I know it will be lost, and its easier to recrew after the ship is scuttled. I rather keep the guns rolling and the ship functionally in the fight until the entire crew is dead, vs boarding fleets your crew count becomes your hp, and your job is to burn their through their fleet faster than they can overwhelm your forces, its dps vs dps, slowing the burn rate is pointless in 99 % of situations. Also the old call to arms gave you 1 extra crew, if you ran 5 ships that is an extra 5 hp of crew, without penality to your ship, so you could recrew, add a crew memeber at be at 2 strength, which was more solid, than what it is now. I feel it needs a tweak, putting the ship into call to arms is a cool idea, but needs to be more reason for it. Also I personally dont see a reason why we cannot recrew using boarding, imo if your close enough to recrew with a teleporter you should be able to swap for the boarding recrew, but that is a different discussion.

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Anyway second beta can be a second instance of the game ? Its taking sometime to get games, I understand splitting the community will do that but we have a pretty active discord and it be nice to be able to swap back and forth like most betas in steam. Not sure how hard that would be but it would make the times beta's are out a little less lonely lol .

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