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Hi, is there any documentation on how turret interact with boarding torps, as well as thunder hawks boarding ? I'm trying to figure outo how many I generally get through vs different races.

Trying to figure out when to use what, bombers first, or last , torps first last ect as well.

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My opinion on this topic is that capture points are a great start to a multiplayer system. I see alot of people posting that escorts are an issue in this mode. From my anecdotal evidence, I would not agree this is the case for the majority of my fights. I have lost only twice to capture points both where due to out maneuvering and properly placement of the enemy fleet, if the situations where left in a cruiser clash seniario, they would have been forced to kite my damaged cruiser to death for more than 5 minutes, with the same result a win on their part. The second time it was a narrow victory, where I could not decap everything because I forgot to send 1 escort out to challenge his lone escort, and my damaged batteship/escort that were left behind didnt win it. I was beat soundly both times by tactical choices or blunders I made that my opponent did not, I feel that is solid game play. The requirement of one escort ( two preferred) to a fleet build isn't much of a burden and generally is a part of some solid lists anyway. It forces you to have situational awareness outside the current battle and once again gives the game more depth. Just like in chess, those escorts should be lined up to be nullified by where you decide your main engagement is, or destruction of those escorts before end game, think ahead right ?

I think added game modes should NOT be placed into multiplayer currently. The Dev still have to balance the fleets to this one game mode, adding further game modes merks that water up even more, realize that they are attempting to balance more than double the "races" that starcraft had, and its no small feat. Adding multiple situations to it will only cause it to take longer. Once the ships are configured properly for one mode, other modes , should then, be looked at , as you have reliable base to grow from. I would love to see escort missions, push maps, and other scenarios be placed in the game, but not in multiplayer right now. Most battles are fought over key locations and I'm okay as a base. Finally you can just kill em all, done it to plenty of people that tried to play the map, its possible.

What I would like to see them implement is something to make disengagements more alluring than they are currently, forcing a tough choice, currently its a " if I can I will but eh" choice, at my teir of play.


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Pre selecting fleets makes the game less in depth, and it will cause certain fleets to be pointless. IMO. Why does this team take feedback like this and run with it, when, you have to fix simple issues first with the game, for example, allowing access to all the skills at level 1 of MP. You guys do realize how much of a determent it is to noobies playing, when they get their battleship wiped without it getting even into combat because they had no access to a MWD. Then you make major changes to the meta. Your game is fine except for some really tiny issue that get exasperated by small "features" that are not good game design implemented with a player pool of less thank 8k a day. Please do not actually change this feature. Please focus your efforts on Multiplayer Match making system and skills. Which making this game suffer the same problem that BFG 1 had and eventually killed the game, its not fun when your bronze player ( no matter how big of a win streak they are on) faces off with a fully unlocked lvl 10 epic player. I've fought people that should of won vs me if they just had the skills to choose from. Your game will die not because you cant pre pick fleets, but your match making is terrible, and your leveling up skills in multiplayer do not work in BFG 1 or this game. If you are trying to be true to the TT version, neither have this weird skill restriction when playing an opponent. If your trying to make a good PC game, its a crap mechanic, and a terrible match making system.

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Same issue, rebooted, checked cache files, happened after a game about 3 days ago. Was 15 IN and 85 ish overall grinding my way up, oh well, guess that is the season for me 😞 . All other games working fine, and it seems to load the game without issues.

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Hello, your average player here. I would like to state it is good you are gathering data and attempting to adjust the game.

I've only been playing for the two beta's but some common anecdotal observations from my games vs opponents in my skill set. I play mostly loyalist, imperial navy/ space marines. I find the Tyrinad match up to be a race to blow up the the main hive ship, which I feel makes for some epic game play. Not sure if that changes with more advanced play.

When I play vs necrons I don't have much trouble, not sure if people don't build them right, but it seems odd that a space marine fleet can down the 3 main ships they bring so quickly with boarding.

Tau are a rare sight at my level, and mostly I play vs chaos, which is a solid match up and probably my favorite so far. Ork scare me more than Nyds, as they don't have the same weakness, honestly there is no easily exploitable ork weakness that I've found.

Finally Dark eldar, are the most frustrating to play vs, I understand their play style, but unless your list is tailored to them, its tough to beat. They feel like playing a better version of Eldar, not really unique. I would like to see them be more close quarter combat Eldar, they can get really close to your fleet with stealth and most of their guns should do massive damaged up close, then they zoom out. This would give a better risk/reward dynamic, as you would only get a volly or two to take out their engines, but it would force them to come in close enough to be in the danger zone for more than 5-10 seconds. Eldar have similar tactics but you can see and shoot at them with your long range guns without needing to scan, so they don't feel as annoying.

Lots of people here will be putting the emphasis on high level gameplay, which I agree is important, but you can implement good mechanics that your common player finds enjoyable. One of the big things I noticed on a positive note, is my friend bought this game with me, and he had no problems within an hour or two ( with some simple tutorials from myself) understanding how to play chaos and winning matches with me in 2v2. That is great to see as the last armada, was a lot tougher to "jump into". Anyway Hope this helped with feedback.

PS : A Last stand 4 player map would be cool to implement down the road, where you and get ships and try to outlast hordes of enemies, with possible objectives. Maybe even hero ships you can put in down the line, I know previous 40k rts games had this and it extended their playablilty and life long after the competitive scene moved on.

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IN player no issue with boarding, I pray for your soul when you come across a dark eldar. There is a button to gain crew. Save your boarding and lighting strikes to recrew your ship. even if it takes a few tries, they have to waste their precious charges on keeping your ship inert. In the long game you will win cause they will be out of charges and you will have a full HP fleet with 3 guys manning it, killing all their ships. Seriously boarding is like ripping a bandaid, the initial sting hurts but after that its more of a bother.

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@nin6 I have relativly the same exp as you epic teir IN/SM, and I would say at min 40 games, might be more, been playing non stop MP for 3 or 4 days (im currently I have experimented with macro cannon fleets, carrier fleets, torp lance boat mix, LC spam, its all viable in todays meta. What your doing is deciding to play the sledge hammer cause you like the sledge hammer. I prefer torp/lance boat strats, I didn't think they were viable until 2 days ago when I went on a win streak with them vs all races, and had a lot better time vs DE than when I brought the sledge squad. So your statement is right, everything could take would be better in some situations and worse in others, but your wrong for excluding your gunline from that list, cause guess what pal, it still is better in some situations than others. I LOVE the fact you have to think and learn about other races before making a fleet, and you can't just build a cheese spam list, tell me , why would you ever not go Dauntless/escort spam vs Eldar, if you had the choice?Why would I not bring a lance setup with a bunch of widowmakers to a Nyd fight? Having the advantage of picking your fleet tailored to a race will cause more cheese and less variety, in my eyes.

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Grav cannons crash game with fatal error
got a 1050 TI , I3 skylark processor rig is a couple years old. I normally do not experience crashes in the game, only once in a great while, but now Anytime I Play or VS admech, either the game ends with be being victorious after the grav cannon goes off or crashes my PC. Im guessing myself or the opponent get the fatal error depending on the circumstances, seems to happen faster if you stack grav shots, the more you have the faster the effect happens. Let me know if there is anymore I can report on.

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