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I dont want to make a new topic for this so i leave my experience here.

I had about 15-25 fps at very low graph in 900p. The wolf running around me (happened for like 5 mins) while in vehicle, also following when i drive away. When i exit the car, the wolf made 2 and a half circle before the attack (wtf). Weather was fog.

Ryzen 2400g 3.85ghz
16 gb gskill trident 3733
msi b350m
windows 10 pro
24.20.12019.1010 amd vega 11

So the game is totally unplayable for me, fps drop at every move, drops to ~8 while driving, also looks too foggy (without fog weather too.. :D) at low settings. I deleted it, ty for let me try the beta. 🙂