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Yeah I understand. CCL was a very good place for me to play anytime BB since I have a very busy life. I will try to keep up at 2min but probably I will have to drop as well.

Well we see how it goes.

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It would have kept both sides happy. I believe this will have an effect on the variety of teams. From my end for example I find it I need more time when playing Elf teams rather than bashing teams so automatically it will be more probable that I will be playing bash teams

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Dear Admins, if I may suggest. Is it possible to make it 2minute standard but before match both coaches are asked if they want to switch to 3min turn. If 1 decides yes it will be 3min turn. It will help to keep players that play Vampires, Ogres and other more complicated teams. Certain teams need much more planning than others.

Please consider. Thanks

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Agree with above posts. 2mins is not enough to play complicated turns. Please leave it 3mins.


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Agree 3 mins was the best chioce. 2 mins is okish but certain turns require more.

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