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@MAA_Bunny said in Abit disappointed in the types of AR's chosen for the last update:

It did. Originally there was a planned story-driven campaign set in the Syrian civil war. So, to a point, there is a pretty specific location and time period the game is set in.

Well since they didn't actually choose a specific TO then no such restriction is in place, which is good as that gives them the freedom to add a lot of different weaponry to the game.

Are you speaking from personal experience, or second-hand? (To be clear: I have no first hand experience myself).

I am speaking from personal as well as close second hand experience (family & friends who have been there). Their message is that you rarely see insurgents carry anything but Russian type small arms (AK variants), which seems to be confirmed by trying to search for other weapons used by insurgents. In general 90% of insurgent small arms are of Russian variation with different locations of manufacture, and then the occasional capture of coalition weaponry. Personally I've never heard of or seen insurgents with QBZ-03 or VHS-2's. Only Chinese weapons I've seen them with are AK variants.

There aren't very many armies that use the P-90, of western forces that have deployed to Iraq or Syria only Australia, Belgium, and Canada operate the P-90 in any numbers, and only with small specialized units. Libya, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia have also bought some, so it could also theoretically be found in equally small numbers with Insurgent forces. The F2000 is even more uncommon.

The Iraqi Army has 50,000+ VHS-2s, which I assume is why it's a Security weapon, while China is exporting the QBZ-03 to pretty much anyone willing to pay - which easily includes ISIS. A 2017 CAR report found that nearly half all ISIS's weapons were Chinese in origin. The bulk of these were Type 56s and Norinco CQs, but the QBZ-03 is certainly present.

I know both the FN P90 & F2000 have seen action in the middle east, and I'd wager a lot more than the QBZ-03.

VHS-2 has some relevance due to the Iraqis having those several thousand you speak of, but where are the more prominent coalition weapons is my question.

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Not sure why it matters wether insurgents regularly use the weapons or not. I don't believe this game ever intended to reflect reality like that. If so I have to say that I've rarely if ever seen the QBZ-03 or VHS-2 in the hands of middle eastern insurgents.

That said the weapons I mentioned were mainly meant for the Security forces, and since the west has had many special forces in the middle east there's a very good chance most of them have seen action there. I know the HK416, AUG, AWP, FN F2000 & FN P90 ALL have seen action there, much more than the QBZ-03 or VHS-2.

Only weapon I am not sure about is the PSG-1, but I'd imagine the KSK has had it with them to the middle east.

As for the SIG AR, I agree that the SIG-550 would be better, I actually remembered it as the 556.

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I just really wish they would feature more known weapons used by the western countries security forces, such as for example the SIG556, Steyr AUG, HK416, PSG-1, AWP, FN F2000, FN P90 etc...

Also some of the latest modern weapons would be nice, like the HK433:

alt text

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Toggable scopes would be amazing, and since we have these 2x flip over magnifiers ingame I really think they should work on making them work like that, i.e. make them flippable. Would be amazing and just add to the immersion.

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I really wish the devs would add some more well known assault rifles to the game, and not all these obscure lesser used ones.

Similar bu much better known AR's such as the Steyr AUG A3 (bullpup) and SIG556 would've been much better choices IMHO.

But hope is not lost ofcourse, and I'm crossing my fingers that better known AR's and other weapons are added later, such as for example: Steyr AUG (BP AR), HK 416 (AR), FN P90 (PDW), AWP (Sniper rifle), PSG-1 (SA sniper rifle), SPAS-12 (SA shotgun) etc.

And if you wanna go ultra modern and awesome, introduce the HK433 to the game.

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@MarksmanMax said in Please FTLOG remove the fire delay on the M82 & M99!:

@Wolfram Do they still have a delay? NWI said they removed it but I've been wondering if there's still a small delay somewhere.

@chaton said in Please FTLOG remove the fire delay on the M82 & M99!:

Hey @Wolfram

Thanks for pointing this out. Do you happen to have a video that showcases this issue, please?

Hi guys, just noticed today that the delay has been removed.

I hope you will give the LMGs a similar treatment eventhough they are open bolt operated, because the delay really is unnoticable in real life.

Thanks to the developers for listening! 👍

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If it comes with the ridiculous fire delay mechanic seen in the MG3, then please no.

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Seriously, these two weapons aren't even fired via an open bolt, they're both closed bolt designs! So for the love of god don't give them a gamey fire delay mechanic..

Was bad enough you gave the MG3 a 0.2 sec delay eventhough it actually IS an open bolt operated weapon, as the real delay is maybe 0.01 sec and not a whopping 0.1-0.2 sec delay. But that you're now giving it to weapons that are CLOSED BOLT operated is just ridiculous.

Fix ASAP please!

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The fire delay on the Barrett definitely needs to be removed, it's a completely ridiculous & arcady balancing feature they've added which instead only serves to ruin realism & immersion.

Heck I'd even argue that they need to substantially reduce the delay felt on the open bolt weapons as well (or better yet remove it entirely), as in real life you really don't feel the delay as its so damn tiny its unnoticable.

In short this whole "fire delay feature" is an annoying and unrealistic gimmick that the Focus developers need to remove asap.

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I agree that the fire delay on the Barrett is incredibly annoying, and more importantly entirely fantasy as the real life Barrett fires from a closed bolt, which means there should be no delay.

That said, even the ingame delay is even longer than that felt when firing an open bolt weapon, infact I hardly ever notice a difference in real life, the bolt closing so quickly that shots still feel instantanous.