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When changing weapon halo of assault class's mace of absolution to other than blue sometime the aura not appearing from certain angle, thunder hammer electricity also sometime not appearing in customization screen.

This bug always working so it is easily reproduceable, just open customization screen from the main menu and change the weapon halo color of mace of absolution/thunder hammer to other than blue then rotate the weapon, you will see that the aura sometimes appearing sometimes not. Rarely the bug is not working though, it means the halo working correctly, just exit to main menu and enter customization screen again to see the bug.

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So, i record the amount of time its needed for vengeance emptying its clip, all 65 bullet using stopwatch, i do this several times with and without fire storm skill on, so the result is median. On normal condition it needed 11.30~ second-ish for vengeance to emptying the clip, while with fire storm it needed around 10.30~ second-ish. There are improvement actually when the skill activated although its to hard to catch the visual improvement compared to other weapon, but if you watch the ammo usage while the skill is on and off you can see the differences.

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I just bought the game on ps4 several days ago and already finish the campaign and playing the special mission, personally i enjoy this game very much. There are lots of class to choose, the mission is randomized, and you can unlock customization and upgrade for your character. I only play single player though, there are lots of replayability in this game.

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It is released but as usual with other focus interactive games the dlc is not released on region 3. Please release the dlc too.

On US region there are customization pack dlc but not in asia store ☹

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Hello, when is this game will be released on asia psn store (region 3)?