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@chaton It occurs in all maps. There are 2 zones when you leave play area. 1 is where you just can't aim and shoot then you go into you will die in 20 with countdown. While staying in the can't aim and shoot area you can run all the way around the map and then enter and shoot from behind opponents. They need 5 sec count down when first leaving play area..

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Well today I was playing Sandstorm and observed other players using the outside of playing area in maps to circumnavigate the maps to get behind enemy to snipe them from the rear. The Devs should state you left playing area and have 5 sec to return and count down then they die. This only pertains to team death match game version. If the Dev's wanted, one of them should play and see what I'm talking about. Soon this is going to cause other players to quit playing because if they feel like I do this is cheating.... I already sent Id of recording they can see for themselves.

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Question is when are new maps coming out along with custom servers to allow mod maps like regular insurgency?

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Does anyone know when we might get new maps or for that matter if we are going to see custom servers with user created maps like in the other Insurgency?

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Playing yesterday and tried the party. Invited friend and he joined but when I went into a server he could not automatically join the server. He was stuck on screen that said waiting for leader when I was in the server selected. Anyone else with this issue..??

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