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I am surprised this isn't talked more here.
This is pretty much the biggest issue in the beta, so far none of any of my game involving ad mec player did not ended with a crash, particularly so when everyone wants to try the new gav shot.

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In one of my game I placed my camera really low at the same level as the ships are. The glitch happened when one of my ship sail directly from behind the camera and "push" the camera angle under the ship. after that the camera stuck in that position and I was unable to rotate the camera back up with the middle mouse key (even after i moved the camera to elsewhere using the minimap). The ensuring battle was pretty much runined as I could not give any effective command over my fleet.
would appreciate if this is patched out quickly since its basically game breaking, an easy solution would be to add a "reset camera" hotkey (backspace, maybe?) just like in many other RTS games

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@romeo said in Sell me the Game:

Is there absolutely nothing that can be shown? Because supposedly the game releases in three months. It's weird that you can't show us a new ship design for the Dark Eldar. Or pick one of the 12 factions and give an overview about how they play. Or show off literally anything.

I'm not trying to call any one individual out, but the wound from having been strung along for a year and a half on the old game without being told a damn thing is still fresh. It's super hard not to look at the current radio silence on the second game as being precisely the same thing.

Agree, and I think it isn't Focus' fault primarily. For another RTS published by Focus, the Wargame series by Eugen System, the dev were much more open about their game development. I liked most about the "Unit of the Day" thread on their forum, in which new units were previewed regularly months before the release of the base game/DLCs.
It seems Tindalos is the one who is so shy to reveal anything and keeps the game content as secret as the existence of the Grey Knights on Titan.

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The thread is the iteration of 40k grimdark at its finest

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Still no press release from the event?
I thought the non-disclosure probation was supposed to end sometime mid-Feb, and now we're at the 27th, 20 days after the event and still no sign of information (other than 1 video).

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Was the probation period for press supposed to be lifted in mid-Feb or what?
Still no any information from the event as of 24th Feb?