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I’ve literally given up playing in Xbox CCL because my game keeps crashing. Out of 16 Games I played before giving up this season 4 were disconnects by me and 2 were disconnects by my opponent. If it wasn’t for the fact you can reset Games if they crash in private leagues I’d have stopped playing altogether. Why can’t one of 3 things happen

  1. fix the crashing
  2. allow reconnects. Heaps of other more complicated games do it
  3. Count disconnects as a null game (ie no spp awarded to either team, no loss/win on your record, no mvps) if both players agree or automatically if it’s before the kickoff.

All I want is a properly working game, not to much to ask is it?

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One of the league admins has the evidence already 🙂

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Totally agree! There is a coach who has admitted he is doing this repeatedly and it’s just a joke

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