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I wanted that achievement so when I had the chance I de-buffed the heck out of the librarian so he would lose. It worked and I got the achievement as well.

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Here are the bugs I have Encountered so far.

1.Playing private matches with a friend we can't select the squads we have built and have them load in properly.
2. Private matches don't sync, what I am seeing and doing is not what my friend is seeing happen. about 1/2 of the time. we have taken pictures on our phones and sent them to each other to verify we are seeing different outcomes or different units on the field.
3. Random crashes of game when attempting to join a lobby.
4. AI Bugs, Playing Genestealer campaign, Mission 8 "The Broodlord Awakens". The AI cant seem to make up its mind on what to do when I start gaining the advantage and I sit there watching "opponents turn" until I get bored 5 minutes+ with no activity and have re-started the mission several times and so far still unable to finish it.
5. Spawning units around the broodlord seems to only work directly behind him so if his back is to a wall no spawn point is available.
6. Where is the preorder DLC?? Unit customization works but wasn't there specific things for the preorder. I've seen this as update #2 on another forum but don't know if it has gone to console yet.

Really Enjoying the game and just pointing out issues I have encountered in hopes it will help you guys make everyones experience better.

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Is this update going live on Console? specifically Xbox1