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I made a detailed feedback post stating that the game will be a failure if released in september and needs potentially 6 months delay .. I am really happy to see that the game was pushed back. This game does not have the same raw feel its ancestor had. It feels grainy and overly fictional.. like it is trying to hard? I'm not sure .. I find myself returning to vanilla more than this game right now. If anything, this game just frustrates me. Would highly recommend some "quality of life" updates for the game.

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Dear readers,

As a long time insurgency fan (played original for years), I can't help but be worried about the future of sandstorm. The game is poorly refined and will require serious fixes to avoid a poor launch. And as we all know, launch means everything. From helicopters floating dead and frozen in the sky to completely illogical hit boxes, and bots that have X-ray vision one second to headshot you through walls, to being completely brainless and wandering into gunfire, the game certainly has it's issues. In my completely honest opinion, I feel this game released for beta too soon and should be released at a later date (maybe 6 months).

Additionally, bugs aside, I feel the game has lost touch with it's roots. Cosmetics are very grindy and appear to completely pull players away from the general reason to play. Cosmetics should be completely free. All of it available to the players.. no stupid currencies! It makes the games feel like effort rather than fun. The voice communication options (hold C) are poor. they should mimic original insurgency 100% as they were actually useful! A lot of information cannot be passed to teammates as a result of this.

Overall, the game needs brought back in line with its more tactical and raw ancestor. The pieces are there, but the game feels developed by completely different people with totally alterior goals. I have spoken with a lot of people in-game and 99% agree that the game has lost it's touch.

currently - I think this game is around a 4 or 6 out of10
the game has the potential to reach 9+/10

Thank you for your time

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