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@link000 said in Space Hulk: Deathwing - Enhanced Edition Overview Thread:


So is your own. As it stands, the PS4 version has an officially announced and advertised release date. There is no reason for them not to show it running on PS4, which the first announce trailer did.

Owning it on PC myself, I understand your point of view but at the same time the biggest issue I've ever had was NPC allies getting stuck. A year and a half of work since release and I'd like to believe they have it right this time.

I too am hopeful but after the past year I am also very skeptical.

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@link000 said in Space Hulk: Deathwing - Enhanced Edition Overview Thread:

It's similar but not the same, I'd also say it's to demonstrate the game running and running well on the PS4.

Hmm.....I like your optimism but your logic is flawed. Check the beginning videos at the start of this particular thread and it clearly shows the game being played either on an Xbox One Devkit or with a Xbox Controller (which is less likely) and we see how that panned out for Xbox owners! I wouldn't necessarily say that just because the game is shown on this or that console in a video with absolutely no gameplay shown that it is "running well", all of us PC users who bought into the game when it first released in 2016 can attest to that mess.

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@iyagovos said in Urgent News: Xbox One Version has been cancelled:

@grey-seer We're working on a more official statement, I know that what I said above is short, but it's all we're able to say at the moment.

Today isn't off in France, but we are off on Monday.

Honestly how hard is it to just post "We had to cancel Xbox version due to "X,Y,Z" reasons" Why all the secrecy? It does absolutely nothing but add more fuel to already raging inferno that the SHDW community has towards Focus and the Devs. Didn't someone (from the Devs or Focus I can't remember) say something at the Focus Event earlier this year to the effect that the December 2017 release date was the fault of others and not their own (when in fact it was plastered all over the SHDW website and not just Amazon!) Seriously who ever is in charge of PR for this game needs to be replaced. You would think that with all the uproar about "lack of transparency, information, and community engagement" in the past year someone would have taken notice and learned their lesson. Nope! Here we are again with nothing more than vague responses and promises of "more news to come" & "we will have an official statement.....soon"