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when you alt+tab your voip becomes disabled. fix that please

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Guys as we all know the game's mentality and gameplay is amazing. sounds are orgasmic. everything is great (yes there are some bugs but it will get better its not rocket science) . Yet we all need more players. we cant play the game at early or late hours. You have to advertise the game better. communicate with some known streamers. Get them to play the game. Show your faces in the known youtube channels. stream it yourself with some giveaways. PEOPLE SHOULD HEAR ABOUT THE GAME. You need better marketing and PR. step it up guys. you know the game has potential. dont waste your energy and time for nothing. please make people hear about sandstorm and your company.
thanks for your time

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  1. Sometimes when you vault over something you got stuck in the ground.
  2. In firefight mode i couldn't respawn after we got checkpoint.
  3. While spectating you cant see people's optics if u dont switch between people(just darkness in optic).
    Thats all for now.
  4. we have to be able to know who speaks through the voice chat and be able to mute them if we want.
    I know you guys are not trying your best. You can do much better pr for your games. pay some streamers to play it atleast. We really need much more players.
    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! (And updates too 😃 )
    much loves ❀ and thx for your time
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I just signed for the Closed Technical Alpha. I love insurgency and i want to stream the game. when will we get the codes and when can we play the game

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