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I did a quick(not thorough) search of the forums and couldn't find the topic. Which is surprising, so I assume i missed it.
But to my point, I believe the sniper rifles are lacking in damage. I know, we want to sound the alarm. "One shot - One kill is be too strong" or "Get good and aim for the head". But if we are going for realism, snipers rarely do not completely incapacitate an enemy if i'm not mistaken. Mind you realism is something i can look past a bit for more fun. I can also compromise, I realize that having the semi-auto snipers killing in one hit might be a little too strong and i can understand them being a couple shots depending on armor. But there is something wrong with a single shot sniper rifle(that you have to cock a bolt back after every shot) not killing in one shot. Some might argue not wrong, but i still believe very unsatisfying. Even with the most costly armor, I don;t believe anyone is taking a shot into the chest and just running on by. I think this definitely kills some of the enjoyment from the game from myself. Coming from a very predominant Insurgency game play background(800+ hours) who only used long range weaponry. I hope the developers take into account my two cents and help out some of my sniper brothers.

Thanks for the read!