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Gameplay & Balance > Lore.
If you want Lore, go read a book.

"they should be almost impossible to kill,"

Because that sounds like a great thing for a multiplayer game.... 🙄

Not saying their current implementation is perfect, but using lore as your primary argument point is ridiculous. The game needs to be fun and balanced above any lore requirements.

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Doesn't need to be a really long post.

Just. 600 pts per player in 2v2, isn't enough.
The same problem existed in the first game.

I understand perhaps not wanting to give players the full 1200 they have in Solo, but don't directly halve it. (Personally I'd be fine with 1200 pts each in 2v2).

I think 900 would be a more suitable point allocation per player in a 2v2 setting.

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Has happened to me multiple times as well.
Have to end task each time.