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Doesn't need to be a really long post.

Just. 600 pts per player in 2v2, isn't enough.
The same problem existed in the first game.

I understand perhaps not wanting to give players the full 1200 they have in Solo, but don't directly halve it. (Personally I'd be fine with 1200 pts each in 2v2).

I think 900 would be a more suitable point allocation per player in a 2v2 setting.

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Gameplay & Balance > Lore.
If you want Lore, go read a book.

"they should be almost impossible to kill,"

Because that sounds like a great thing for a multiplayer game.... 🙄

Not saying their current implementation is perfect, but using lore as your primary argument point is ridiculous. The game needs to be fun and balanced above any lore requirements.

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Has happened to me multiple times as well.
Have to end task each time.

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So I'm not sure what causes it, but I've seen it a couple of times now (once on my own fleet), where I end up with a HEAP of Escort ships, well beyond what you would expect.

Just had a game with this game, who had a Custodian, Emissary, Castellan and 18 x Warden (yes 18)

If I click on fleet details, I get this

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@devilman2197 & @CALiGeR_Reborn

Thanks for that.

Yeah, I understand the pre-order beta hasn't happened yet.
I still would have been keen to have been involved in the closed beta though.

It's amazing that this close to release and I still can't find any gameplay videos of the game? Is there anything out there at all?

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Came here seeking confirmed release and early beta access dates.

Am sorely disappointed......

I also missed out on applying for the closed beta because well.... I didn't get any emails or anything, despite having pre-ordered.

I'm really looking forward to the game, but I can't help but feel a little frustrated at the opaqueness of this entire process.

Are they deliberately trying not to hype the game because of what happened last time? I've heard so little about the game, I had almost forgotten I had pre-ordered it entirely!

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