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One thing i seem to have noticed but cannot get a screen shot of is my personal save won't load..locks up and have to hard reset computer..

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First greetings,

As a Alpha and Beta Tester for Matrix a long time ago, i would like to say great job on getting the second Beta out to showcase the game and the different things you are capable of doing. I could go on about the discrepancies as I have in other posts but for the sake of it being a beta The Emperor Protects.
For the people having trouble micromanaging the game just slow the game speed down so you can jump from ship to ship and issue a host of orders. Then once you satisfied speed it back up.
The Campaign story as coming from the 40K Universe is close to being on point. I didn't have any crashes or errors during my gametime. I'm not going to go into all the things I would like to see because other users have already posted them. Something I find dear to taking my fleets into Combat from Armada 1, custermization of indiviaul ships. While the sheer scope of things you can do with BFG2 are numerous it's still nice to have more than one ship capable of warp jumping.
Nothing like jumping all your ships into a staggered line on a heavy cruiser....ramming speed please...hehe.
Otherwise I'm looking forward to the finished product in which I'm sure you will address the issues you can and hopefully surprise us with a few more....As the quote goes...There is no peace amongst the Stars, only a eternity of carnage and the grim dark future there is only war...

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I agree spent the later half of imperial campaign in red even though i owned 11 of 12 systems

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I agree...however i would love to have a ironman mode where each mistake costs agreed it would be nice to be able to customize each individual ship like bfg1...the campaigns do add a bit more strategist skills as fleets are at your command to jump around management of fleet expenses is once i got three high end fleets i was in the red for rest of campaign...