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Hey everyone!

The new hardcore mode is an outstanding experience within Insurgency! I truly love it. From now on - I just can't go back to that ultra-fast-paste gameplay of a regular PvP. So me and many more guys are waiting for hardcore PvP 🙂

But I have a problem with the current situation with hardcore mode. And the problem is the issuing of Mosin after respawn.

Don't get me wrong, I totally understand why you did this and I'm all for it. Forcing people to play extra-carefully, scavange for ammo - it's all nice and dandy. BUT! Mosin adds arcade elements to the gameplay. It really does. I mean why would anyone pick up Mosin and go fight against enemies with fully semi-automatic © weapons? Mosin is super out of place in that mode.

So my suggestion is to remove all the ammo from the character's loadout and force player to use his secondary instead. And in case of missing secondary - issue him a Makarov. That would make a lot more sense within the modern combat situation and intentions to force a player to play carefully.

Thank you!