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It was only a exemple.
But say 1500 x 1500 x 256m. is fine by me. And without the
mr tool! Now i can only make maps, square kilometer and 122.9m up with the mr tool. If i make the map 123m high. Trucks are stuck, if the player do'nt have the mr tool. pouting_face:

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@sodoma said in MudRunner American Wilds Info and Screenshots !(Update):

Keep in mind how simple this game was in very begining.
It is unlikely just a coincidence that map has that non-metric, "computer-like-1000" 1024x1024 size.
I've met some maps those were like two maps put together. I had to use modified EXE, otherwise it runs, but vehicles can't move at all. So there was a map size set to current size in very begining and later were things scaled to fit in. Game balance.
And BTW, you should try to make a reasonably nice map for that "square kilometer", maybe after such expirience you will appreciate current "small" maps more...

I want larger maps -> 4096 x 4096m. Square kilometer is to small!!

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I gone check it out.
I have no idea how I work it out, i gone check the dirt bridge.
thanks for your explanation.

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Animate map models.

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hi guys
I want to give some animation to my models in the game. if you drive over a bridge that bends the planks. But how do I do that in 3ds max. Does anyone have a simple stream or do you want to make a stream like that ... Every help is very appreciated.


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refelcting of the sunlight.

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Hi, On all my maps i have created i see, that russian people do'nt see the logstation. Not in the game as not on the overview map. While english speaking, see the logstaion and it is on there overview map. Yeserday i saw by the russian people. The fuel staion, garage and the sawmill was gone, but on there overview map, it was there. See this you-tube stream.
5.56 - fuel station.
30.36- garage
39.22 - log site
1.22.22 - sawmill

I hope you can do something about it, it frustrates me 🙂

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