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Yeah, should be "lure your enemy" or "lure the enemy". Likewise, considering the current stats for the weapons, the following should read "50%" rather than "25%":
alt text

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It is possible to quicksave during the enemy turn, in between battles. However, this results in a bugged save as after loading it, the game doesn't progress and get stuck in between the enemy's moves.

EDIT: As an additional super-minor issue, whenever quicksave is used, 'Auto-Save' flashes over the End Turn button, rather a more accurate 'Quick-Save' or more generic 'Saving'.

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As title, revoking a level 4 Dauntless Mk. II.
alt text
EDIT: Same issue re-occurs in Shipyard Menu regardless of faction. If you ESC-key out of Shipyard Menu while the message is up (to return to Sector View) and then go back into the Shipyard Menu via the 'New Ship' button, the 'Are you Sure?' confirmation window remains. There is no confirmation window for Revoking a ship from Ship View Menu.

What I mean by Shipyard Menu:
alt text

What I mean by Ship View Menu:
alt text

Oddly, while testing this, in the Ship View menu (Cadian Sector) I could see a 'Create New Fleet' option hovering in the background, as can be seen above.

DOUBLE-EDIT: Just noticed that a Beta Branch Feedback subforum had been added. If this thread could be moved there, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I'm in support of this idea. Perhaps if the generator is destroyed, if you are able to move the ship to the very edge of the battle arena, the 'Emergency Warp Out' gets replaced with a 'Leave Field of Battle', where the ship just paths out (same as a ship undergoing a mutiny would).

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I lucked out and got an Adepus Mechanicus leader with Rad-Tempest Device and Micro Warp Jump. Hit and run (have Escorts establish safe escape zones for Spire and other MWJ leaders), pummel it with Nova cannons from a lightyear away (having the backup fleet full of Nova Cannon equipped ships means you can emergency warp out an existing vessel and get three freshly-loaded shots of 400-200 damage from 25k distance). EZ-PZ. Rad-Tempest rips it, and its swarm of adds, to shreds.

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Never played the first game. Somehow had videos of the 1st/2nd beta pop up on YouTubs, and it seemed like something right up my alley, despite me not really being into the 40K setting or naval combat to begin with.

Now I wonder in desperation to where my last week had gone, and why "bring engines to full, fire all broadsides" is the first thought that crosses my mind after waking up.

In all seriousness, the release version has been pretty rough around the edges, but even in such a state, I've gotten several times over the purchase price worth of enjoyment out of it. Hoping that the next campaign to be released is spess elfs, since (perhaps masochistically) I really enjoyed playing Corsairs towards the tail end of the second Beta.

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Fleet limit caps at 1000, and Leadership caps at 1350. Meaning, you will have 1350 points worth of ships on the battlefield at any one time. This will first be filled up from your first fleet, than second, then third, until it hits that limit -- and it tries to meet this limit as closely as possible.

The best way I've found to work with the system is to have a set close-to-1000 pt. main fleet, and then a supporting fleet with a sub-350 flagship that's the most expensive aspect of its fleet (to ensure I've got the second leader on the field), and the rest of it filled with the exact same ship so there's never a gamble which reinforcements I get from it.

For example:
Main Fleet: Imperial Navy with Mars flagship, 2x Dominator, 2x Dauntless, 2x Firestorm (974 pts. total)
Support Fleet: Adeptus Astartes with Strike Cruiser Mk. I flagship, x2 Hunter, x3 Strike Cruiser Mk. III (918 pts. total)

Every fight will be guaranteed to start with the contingency of the first fleet (974 pts.) and the Strike Cruiser Mk. I along with the two Hunters from the second fleet (336 pts.) for a total of 1310 capacity. Every time I free up 194 pts. from emergency warps, I'm guaranteed to get a Strike Cruiser Mk. III from the reserves.

Another Example:
Main Fleet: Adepus Mechanicus with Dictator flagship, x2 Tyrant, x2 Defiant, x2 Nova (983 pts. total)
Support Fleet: Imperial Navy with Oberon flagship and x3 Dominator (898 pts. total)

You get the picture. It takes a bit of planning, but works fine.

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I wonder if it's just an issue of misplaced decimals in the hover-over. It looks like weapon fire rate should be progressing 0%/5%/10%/15%, so maybe behind the scenes it's actually 10.3%. Likewise, assault action critical chance is likely either 0%/1%/2%/3% or 0%/10%/20%/30%, rather than the 0%/10%/2%/3% that shows up. Bravery, too, considering Angelisar's Fungal Parasite attribute gives ships built in the sector 5/10/15 Bravery, is probably a 0/1/3/6 bonus rather than 0/0.01/0.02/0.06.
alt text
EDIT: Comparing the Bravery listings for my fleets of the same faction (ones that weren't made in the Scarus sector), I think I can confirm that Bravery progression from ship level is actually 0/1/3/6. Assault action crit is harder to check because of Death World bonuses. I did compare the stats for level 3 ships and freshly made level 1s, and the level 3s had 90% of the latters' Reload Times, so I believe it is actually the 10% bonus I figured it was.

tl;dr I think the hover-over for ship level bonuses just displays the wrong values.

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The upgrade does work (have it one of my leaders), but it's a lesser version of the Aurent-Pattern Weaponries available in Skirmish/PvP for IN. Whereas Aurent-Pattern Weaponries gives +4,500 range to both macro weapons and lances, Aurent_Pattern_Munitions_01_01 only gives bonus range to macro weapons. I'm guessing it was later buffed and replaced, but the leader generation script still references the old version.

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I was actually thinking about this as well, so +1 from me. Aside from any balance implications, it would feel more organic that the ship is being slowly taken over from within as your troops attempt to fight off the invaders before the last one of them is killed off... rather than the tens of thousands of personnel that the vessels are supposed to house vanish in the blink of an eye. In return, though, boarding-heavy factions may need buffs in other areas if this puts them behind, idk.