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Come on mate, they'll announce it when they're ready

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We would like to announce our biggest competition set for the beginning of 2018.

The BBLANZ ELITE competitions have always run with large groups of individual races matched against each other. It is called “ELITE” as we match everyone up to find out which is the superior race above all and the best coachs. As of next year we will be running the first ELITE comp that will include all 24 races and be open to the public (not just exclusive to BBLANZ).

Registration will open on the 11th January 2018 and close 11th February 2018.

Things to consider:
The competition itself will be a 24 team round robin that will span roughly over 23 weeks followed by a 16 team play-off.
One race per player.
All new teams and veteran teams (experienced teams existing in the BBLANZ league) will be welcome.
Any race slot that isn’t filled will be taken up by an AI and will be treated as a “bye” week (AI wont compete).
Even though we will allow players outside of BBLANZ to compete, everyone must accommodate coaches from the Oceanic time zones (roughly UTC +11).
The prize pool will be roughly $170 AUD

And yes there is a prize pool! For awhile now some of our members have donated via Patreon in order to contribute to our competition prizes and add to the fun of the game. For this competition we will double what has been raised by members and add it to the BBLANZ ELITE 2018 prize pool. If you're interest in helping out, then please check out our Patreon page, link found at the bottom of this post.

And if you would like to get in touch with BBLANZ and it's members, or are interested in becoming a member yourself, please check the link bellow:

Please feel free to comment with any questions or queries about the competition bellow.

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@dode74 said in Future Races Expectation:

He said Slaanesh, not Slann.

I thought he meant slaan. I didn't know there was a slaanesh team in TT. What about korne from BB1 then?? Or were they not popular?

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Kickoff stay, hotdogchef go.

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@kozkoz said in Future Races Expectation:

Sup Cyanide! When will you released both Chaos Pact and Slaanesh team? At least can you confirm they will come this year or the next year please?

Kislev is Slaan reskinned. And if you're really keen, you can make Chaos Pact using the mixed race feature. Altho, it would be cool to see Chaos Pact come out as an official race.

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Mordheim: City of the Damned is a terrific adaptation of the table top game of the same name, however, the single player is a bit limited in scope. Playing PvP with some mates adds a refreshing competitive element to the game as you play with your custom warband and watch them progress or degrade over time.
The issue with Mordheim has been unlike other turn-based games such as Blood Bowl, there is no official multi-player league/campaign built into the game. So we at BBLANZ have created a well balanced campaign where your warband must compete against others to take over the map of Mordheim itself.
If you are a fan of the game or just craved a unique multi-player experience then this is a great opportunity to have fun against some like minded individuals.

Please click the link bellow for all the details:

This is an Australasian run competition so times are organised around UTC+9-12

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@pestigor said in Mixed race teams and trading market:

@Za_Uvek said in Mixed race teams and trading market:

Really!? Not even a comp with mixed only!? Was it just to hard to accommodate in development?

Nice, I actually didn't know "too" in that context, it was TOO hard for me to grasp, haha!

I'm also aussie so grammer aint me best thing mate.

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Agreed, if its easy to implement the market place to mixed team then do it! It would make a fun addition to the game.

As for the blitz mode, it was, er, um, different. But thats why mutant football league exists now!.

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@booncabal, thats what I would like to know mate? Was it just to hard to develop for mixed races? or was it simply not included? The marketplace just seems redundant.

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@mrinku said in Mixed race teams and trading market:

Mixed race are also restricted from hiring Star Players.

I think both limits are fair considering that they have much wider roster choices.

To answer the original question, trades are always between teams of the same kind. I think Undead/Necromantic and Orc/Goblin might be special cases regarding the player types they have in common, but can't say for sure.

It's not about fair or not, if you run a mixed race only comp then the restrictions aren't necessary.

For the regular races, I've always been curious about what the purpose of the market place is? If you run a private league almost everyone is using a different race, so there is no incentive to ever open the market place. The orc/goblin etc examples you gave are probably the exception.

The only other thing is that in a private league, all competitions need to be closed in order to open the market. Again, not much incentive to use it if you are running multiple competitions.

I can see it being a lot of fun as a manager, but it seems unrealistic to use it unless you have a massive player base in your league. Has anyone on here got much time with the market place?

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