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@randy_bosss some journalist said in his article that it included siberian map.

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@thedeestroyer yeah sadly, i will give ST chance like year later if game is improved but this update is nothing literally

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@orlando-boom ty god they are not doing presentations like this and are giving us in-game screenshots đŸ˜· đŸ˜· đŸ˜·

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@unster i did try new beta and as i said before its not that astonishing IMO, hope they do better in future

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Well if im not wrong, we had 9 licensed vehicles and 2 unlicensed truck like skidder and forwarder with AW expansion

I dont see how licensing western star would prevent devs from adding oshkosh with different name and grill in mr2

@ManfredE3 i would agree with u, i liked original MR way of doing trucks and classifying them with

A - scouts
B - less capable trucks
C - ur basic 6x6 haulers
D - slightly more powerful than 6x6 trucks (8x8)
E - giant monsters
K - tractors/heavy duty vehicles

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I woudnt recommend being too hyped for ST, doubt they bring some huge changes/improvements with the team they have, its rumored that their team is lot of modders trying to give new life to game

And this so called update isnt that astonishing imo, tho im gonna try and be open minded after all those dark years and accept ST back if developed with some outstanding features

But one again, Dont hype yourselves too much guys

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And we finally heard from Focus on the MR2 event.

No. Thats what i thought at first but if u go and read it again it says we will have more news from journalists that attended WhatsNext event, so no official news

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@unster yeah. Oh if u knew how many people have gotten angry and left comments on my steam acc after they lose match in tekken xd it got to a point where i just gave up on deleting them

some people go as far as to add me to rage in PM xd

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@unster no, of course older ppl play video games thats not the news. im Dota player myself and i play with manny people that are way over 40. Same goes for other games like Warcraft and even some single player games, i just didnt know all you guys here were that much older than me...

Iv been on forum for more than a year now and never got these vibes xddd i thought all of you were my age

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holy shit looks like everyone is so older than mere here 😃 i feel like kid walking in the school for the first time

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@unster said in Vehicle Presentation - Introducing The GMC DW950:

I'm fine with a mix of road running and mud running. Just noticing less and less mud running with the last 2 DLC's.

coudnt agree more

@deathcoreboy1 said in Vehicle Presentation - Introducing The GMC DW950:

my guess here is that there will be a last minute surprize like in AW when they left the Skidder and the Fordwarder to the last presentation.

i doubt that, those 2 trucks that were presented in the end was never surprise when they first mentioned AW details there were mention of 11 trucks and then it went to 9 for unknown reasons until very last minute, so we kinda knew taht there was gonna be 2 more trucks coming just didnt know which ones

and keep in mind this a free dlc, i woudnt hype myself on it too much

i just want map to be interesting and little bit challenging

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