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@Stazco idk about this here forum but there are lot of girls in russian side of spintires community who thoroughly enjoy mudding just like us.

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@Sodoma i think one way to make it happen would be to have same map with 2 different versions manually made by DEV casual/hardcore and in hardcore some parts of the map would be more muddier with puddles, rocks, twigs, etc. that way not only fuel consumption and other factors have effect on difficulty but these too

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@kingnightshadow my personal opinion is that:

1- we will probably get final patch for mudrunner sometimes in june
2- then we get reveal of MR2 at gamescom
3- and finally game will be released in fall 19, maybe Halloween like mr1

i dont think they will bother with another DLC to be honest

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mudrunner is basically dark souls of simulator genre, many people cant play and they just complain about difficulty.. but we cant let them win brethren!

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@Morbid said in MudRunner 2 News Recap:

This is a slow-paced simulation game about a mundane task. People interested in the newest Call of Battlefield shooter or the next Fortnite/Apex Legends/whatever trendy multiplayer game aren't going to have the attention span to care about MR2 anyway.

I dont agree, they could be as interested as anyone its about impression they get from trailer, gameplay or whatever at presentation. Whether trailer was shown right after cyberpunk or elden ring. I myself am gamer who grew up playing those kinda mainstream stuff and i would never consider my self as lover of simulator but when i first came across spintires it had something special that captivated my mind, so u cant ever say ppl wont be interested cause of AAA game clouds it especially when they are completely different genres

I think it was more of a case them not being ready to show of the raw gameplay,
Like they did 2 years ago.. they revealed game 2 months before release to avoid as much criticism as possible for not delivering the promises, seeing mudrunner 2 at e3 would have been fresh air, nothing like that was shown neither on microsoft nor ubisoft conferences it would really have been unique and considering fact that overall attention e3 gathers it would have been good chance to show off ur new game to the world.

And Mr SilverHand agrees... They missed huge opportunity

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@justinlynch3 ur sadly 100% right, US is going downhill slowly and hopefully it drags itself out of there somehow.. i mean we have stupid journalist complaining about HBO chernobyl not having black actors as firefighter when there literally was 0 blacks in pripyat in 1986 and casting black actors as white magicians in netflix witcher when actual characters are celtic elves and so on... Its just so stupid, i mean i have no problem with anyone but when its forced like this it very sad, do you see me complaining about black panther not being white? No cause its aesthetically wrong and unpleasing. But many companies like EA are too scared to anger those journalists overall "progressive ppl" and what we get is mediocre ww2 game with stories that are just inaccurate and tbh cringy to experience cause u know its forced, if they dont include disabled woman with prosthetic arms on front line in fucking second world war they gonna be bashed all over the social media for not being diverse enough..

Idk man, they call USA free country... Yeah right. Not anymore..

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so no E3 announcement, now we have to wait until gamescom i guess 😞 cyberpunk 2077 will keep me hyped until MR happens tho 😃

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@justinlynch3 idk just dont see myself enjoying driving those quadrocycles, but u never know until u try it i guess

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Do you guys really would enjoy driving those things in mr?

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@deathcoreboy1 yeah ill check it
@Sodoma yeah ur right its just weird they haven't said a word about it

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Btw what about map editor? They havnt said anything about it, iv so many map ideas to build when game comes out i hope map editor still exists in mr2