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I tought it would be a great ideo to add emotes like moving your hand to silently tell your mates to mover forward, like squad or escape from tarkov has it (middle finger included)

Since you can't really talk to your team or use voice lines near the enemy this could be a great idea

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Okay so basically in the old Insurgency the maps were much smaller and the time you need to get on the objective is fast so if you take some extra time on getting there because you maybe need to wait for smoke or get past a machine gunner you have time to do that and are less likely to miss a spawn wave. Because the maps are small.

In Insurgency Sandstorm the maps are bigger and you actually need to run about 170 m to get to the objective. This takes time, while you spawned the rest of your team is fighting on the point or dying trying to get there, while you are running to the point. But in the time you reach the point the reinforcement wave passed and if you die on the point you missed it.

My suggestion is making the spawn of the attackers a little closer to the objectives but keep the defenders spawn back, since defending should be just as hard as attacking, I know it depends on the team you play with but the defending team tends to win.
I just personally find attacking much harder, and trust me, im experienced.

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Ok here is the thing, if you push an objective and get on it and actually stay there for too long you don't get any rewards because your team just dies off like flies, ive had it so many times that i get on the point, fresh 5 waves, died there capturing and then out of nowhere we have 2 waves, we had 5 and all this while i was on the point doing my job.

Insurgency sandstorm has bigger maps and this means you need more time to get on the point so if you are on the point you die quickly or miss the wave because you arrived too late to die at the point and the team that was on the point before respawns, this means waves get lost way faster.

sorry for bad english

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@tooth-decay said in Spawn wave changes ( IMPORTANT ):

@zayzek Important That already exists. Important
No matter what you do Important there will always be a chance of dying immediately after the spawn window closed. Important

This should be a general change, because the waves go away way too fast, especialy on push attack, the teammates die off like flies and ive had it a lot of thimes that the run time to the objective takes so long that if you rush in as fast as possible and die as fast as possible, you miss the wave.

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but with a longer period you can say well i had 5 seconds

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There should be a 3-5 second spawn period on the used wave, its so annoying to get killed just when your team spawned, its even more annoying when you try to play tactical and take those 20 seconds extra time in which your team already spawned again because they die off like flies.

Valve please... uh I mean NWI please fix.

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Hello NWI

I played Insurgency 2 quite a lot and I loved the soundtrack, it was so underrated and was fitting so well with the atmosphere of the game and really immerses you into this world, however I was very disappointed when I heard some of Insurgency Sandstorms soundtracks. It feels like you guys were in a rush and didn't have time to make a good, fitting soundtrack. Since you guys are pretty good to go now me and probably a lot of other people would be very excited to get some good soundtrack.

I think the soundtracks that represented Insurgency 2 the best were Retreat ost and Menu 1.
Try to get a soundtrack that the players can remember, that gives the goosebumps when they are in a fight gearing it. This is an important part in a game like this.

I love this game, good work, keep it up.

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@muhammad said in Do the devs even care?:

Does this happen only on EU servers?

I don't know about the other servers but everyone who has the problem seems to be on EU servers so yeah, could be.

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@jellyfoosh No, it is not kicked from server, it says "lost connection to server". I even checked the logs, this happens out of nowhere, its random but happens after like every 2 games.

Im playing on official NWI servers. I'm also playing on the right region for me (EU)

As far as I know from other replies i am not the only person who is having this problem

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There should be a like 5 second time frame to spawn in the next wave, it is so annoying to have a firefight, hear the "come on one last attack and then getting killed. Or just in general dying and looking at your teammates standing there on the spawn and you know you died like 1 second too late

You die a lot in this game, can you guys at least make the spawning not this annoying?

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