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@sgt-kanyo sorry but realism is everything other that this haha

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@gsg_9_lightning but don't you think it gets a little boring seeing the same colours over and over again?
And adding the option to ajust the game colours would do no harm to the bright "realistic" shader that you like, in general we could use some different maps, just because its Insurgency SANDSTORM doesn't mean it can't have a map like panj or verticality with different looking shader colours

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Hello NWI

I have played a lot of Sandstorm since the Alpha and I noticed how you guys kind of changed up the shaders to be more orange and bright, however if you look at Alpha gameplay the shaders with more grey and blue to them look much more natural and interesting, I've gathered a bunch of screenshots of alpha gameplay to now, as a comparisson. I also put my video settings to very high.

The upper screenshot is always form the Alpha gameplay, the lower one from Sandstorm now.

0_1556367611042_Screenshot_5.jpg 0_1556367619440_Screenshot_6.jpg 0_1556367694756_Screenshot_4.jpg 0_1556367703659_Screenshot_1.jpg

You guys can probably see the change in looks, im not saying you guys should compleatly change the maps to look like in the alpha but please look forward to change the looks of the shader to be a little more natural in the next maps.

Here are some more screenshots:

0_1556368557007_Screenshot_8.jpg 0_1556368565040_Screenshot_18.jpg 0_1556368604892_Screenshot_7.jpg 0_1556368627904_Screenshot_2.jpg 0_1556368708499_Screenshot_10.jpg 0_1556368715447_Screenshot_3.jpg

The Alpha footage looks a lot like the old Insurgency, im pretty sad that this was scrapped.
One idea you guys could implement would be a option to make certain colours be more dominant, like how some computer screens give you the option, to for example make everything look more blue or green.

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Yeah, it would finally make sence with the drop the gun voice lines

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@kahlekingztv yes, I also have this problem, but for me it only cuts off for a few seconds. Sometimes it happens once a game but I had it happen 4 times in one match.

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@max80 And workshop would not be allowed on every server.

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@max80 The workshot will be its own topic, im saying they should focus on putting in more old Insurgency type clothing for the next content update, I mean they do work on new cosmetics, I just don't want the new cosmetics to be worse that the ones now. So less colourful.

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@b4ndo I know what you mean, I don't want the Insurgents to look like isis members.
I just want them to look like an organisation on Insurgents to be taken seriously, we don't need all full on black cosmetics so everyone runs around in black.

The point of this is that they add more old Insurgency type clothing.

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This is as dark as your gonna get, so why didn't they compleatly remove all the black stuff? you can still use the head glitch with a balaclava and be hidden very well, so why not a Keffiyeh in black? would have the same purpose and the addidas stuff, they probably kept them in because it had the noticable white stripes.

So they want one side to have desert and forrest camouflage but the insurgents have to be easily detectable, make no sence.

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