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You know, this could have made me to come back to play(only as Navy though, playing as Chaos is too much of a hard mode already), but only portraits and achivements as a reward in a very fast duying game? If only it would be at least a chance of some cool ship skins or ship effects(different auras, shots color, etc), then hey, why not do some grinding just to show off how my pixels are cooler than yours? Or if the main reward wouls be a replay system, then we all would have grinded like crazy x)

Although the main prize is pretty cool, not gonna lie, just not something I presonally want.

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@ezycompany101 said in Patch 3 and Co-op 1.0 are LIVE!:

@Zeblasky - Why do you think IN will be overall the best faction?

Because they are already at the very least top 3. Their macro, torpedoes and rams are great, even their carrier fleets are decent. And after so many cost reductions Navy will become even better. Sure they got their ramming nerfed quite a bit, but considering that you can always combo it with torpedoes, it will still be quite a potent tactic.

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So, if you ask me, if this is a good patch or a bad patch - I have no idea. Those cost changes are kinda subtle on their own, but there are so many of them, that they pretty much can throw old meta out of the window. One thing for sure, Navy will be on top.

I do wonder though what kind of a Chaos Prow lances are we talking about here. If this are those firing in 90 degree angle, this buff it's one thing, if it's those that fire in 270 degree angle - it's another. Second variant is better, as it at least buffs usefull ships, but either way this is not enough for a Chaos as a whole. Poor genosidal crazy maniacs just want to create a lazer show across the universe, don't make them so sad that they all turn to Nurgle for comfort. No buff to bombers survivability or speed also makes me sad.

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@jellyfoosh I hope some much needed Chaos buffs and rebalancing is on the way as well : )

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So, right now some ships are not that impressive, when deployed in numbers of 2 or 3, but when you get 4-6 of them, they become much more powerful thanks to synergy and simple spam. And such fleets are pretty boring and unfun to play against. But a solution to this problem is quite simlpe - just restrict deploying same ships by the following way:

Can't deploy more that 2 of same Battleship, 3 of the same Battlecruiser, 4 of the same Cruiser and Light Cruiser.

And I think this fixes most of the spam associated problems? After that some ships can be buffed accordingly, as they won't be spammed for the whole fleet.

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You know, I actually like how Reload and Lock On balanced for macro weapons. You want to use Lock On on ranges from 13500 and forward, as it gives you from 50% more DPS at 13500 and 100% more DPS at 18000 range, as well as better crits. And if you want to chase or get closer-run away, you use Reload, getting up to 66% more DPS with macro. It's interesting to note that at 4500 range Lock on gives 100% Macro DPS, while Reload gives 133%.

But for chaos lance boats Lock on is a best choice 90% of the time. Not sure anything can be done about it. May be giving Lances separated Rate of Fire bonus, something like +20%?

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There are and(in the near future) probably will not be spectators and replays in this game, and this kills multiplayer much faster than it should be dying off. Dawn of war 2 Retribution is still alive thanks to Elite mod and some guys who cast replays, and that game is 8 years old.

While in this game I had some amazing battles(for example, winning with 10 points advantage by ramming one of almost dead SM Cruisers with the last remaining escort to barely get the points to win before my opponent recaps too much), which I wanted to share, and certain youtubers would have gladly casted. Thus it would make more media noise and at the same time would have teached players how to play this game. But you can't even spectate in this game, meaning that you can't even do a small tournament.

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As of right now I feel like the Navy is actually the most competitive race in the game. Sure quite a few of Navy ships are pretty bad, sure Navy bombers are not effective, but!

  1. Navy macro is amazing. It gives amazing DPS at close range with Reload stance, AP upgrade and shooting from both sides, while on some ships it is pretty usefull for long range harrasment, making both kite and rush builds possible at the same time. Overlord is my bae.

  2. Navy ramming is powerful. With ram upgrade it's very powerful.

  3. Navy torpedoes are best in the game period. They give a lot of extra damage on top of ramming enemy ships, and they can be useful even with eldar, when you catch them after they used their boost.

  4. Retribution with MWJ ability is such a universal and ship. It can kite, it can bait, it can chase, it can ambush... It can do so much.

  5. Navy has a good number of Nova cannon ships, making going for a mass Nova build(eeeew though) a pretty good choice)

  6. Navy boarding.. Well, not great, not bad, just solid. A nice option to make your opponent use Call to Arms.

The only races I'm afraid of while playing Navy are other Navy players and Space Marines. SM are just too fast and simply have too much boarding and tankiness for Navy to deal with. Sure it's much easier if you go with Nova mass carrier build though...

So yea, some Navy ships need fixes, bombers need to be better, but deeeefinetly nothing crasy as this is required.

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@solaire my main fleet was 2x Nurgle for rushing and 2x Tzeench for fire support and then kiting. True hybrid tactics, do as much damage as you can with rush, and then kite what's left. I did used Slaanesh LC thought, but just for catching Eldar. And yes, I thnk that Slaanesh was nerfed to 20 seconds and Tau were always ridiculously OP with their railguns and mass summons with turrets AOE DoT?

Abd yep, it's just like this with Necrons atm.

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@canned_f3tus said in Chaos suggestions: Some buffs and one much needed nerf:

I used to play lance, carrier hybrid fleet back in the day. But i have not had any success with that in BFGA 2 and i really tried. I dont see canardNoir doing good either in BFGA 2. But he claims he is.

I still play somewhat like the old hybrid style. It's viable, but not always. And good Necrons just completely destroy you, end of story. You CAN'T OUTRUN NECRONS AS CHAOS EVEN IF YOU SPREAD YOUR WHOLE FLEET AROUND BECAUSE OF THE FREAKING MASS RECALL BEING THE BANE ON MY EXISTANCE / rant. But my Styxes are not what they used to be. In BGA1 they both used to survive up to 60 ranked battles...