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Not sure if this could fix it but you could try making the Profile.sav file as read-only:

So try doing it before re-launching the game.

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Maybe a solution would be to introduce a new class that only it can use the toggleable optics?
But either way isn't it a correct addition since people that camp far away from an objective with 2x/4x can now move near the objective etc?

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Gamma video setting is resetting for me each game after I change it.
Also, gamma changing in game after entering menu, sound cuts at random moments.

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Nice work on the patch, the bug where contrast increases/decreases when entering the menu and exiting is still there, makes the game really dark sometimes.

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Yes, I noticed that too, the more players are in the server the more the performance drops. Might be worth trying this tweak if you are using Windows 10 creators update:

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About Texture Streaming, even if my card has 4gb vram I use the 400mb setting otherwise I get bad performance. It loads up lower quality textures initially then upscales them, if you use the lowest setting and zoom with the scope you will notice textures loading after you use the scope and when you exit.

I don't think you need mouse smoothing when aiming because there is this built in effect that the slowest you move your mouse the more resistance there is to movement.

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I think that the game uses a lot of vram because not everything is optimized yet which I believe is the cause of stuttering on most systems currently. I am monitoring it with msi afterburner and the game was smoother if I stayed below 3.5gb (GTX 970 which has 4gb but the 0.5gb is slower vram than normal gpus, lol).

Thing is sometimes the game starts with 4gb vram usage for some reason, so I am guessing these issues will be fixed soon. So I would recommend the lowest texture streaming and not using the .ini fix for AA but using FXAA instead for people with similar or lower end GPU's for now.

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@benz said in Now the hitreg is patched can we please get the TTK addressed?:

In CSGO camping is FAR less of an issue compared to INS:S. Maps are less "complex", less cluttered, way less spots to camp. People usually know the common spots and just pre-aim them etc. . There are way too many situations in ins:s that go like this: you run (you have to move at some point of this game, although i've seen far too many players not moving for a whole round...), you get shot from somewhere, you die, you are wondering where the other guy was and why he was able to spray you down from some aetheral space with an Uzi. Sorry, but that's not fun for casuals.

That's the point though. Bad players ( = casuals in this scenario ) make mistakes. They don't enjoy super punishment for mistakes. That's why no one plays CPMA or other shooters with an extremely high skill ceiling.

CSGO f.e. isn't balanced around comp. The game simply works on every skill level. Look at mobas.... LoL and Dota2 aren't balanced around comp. And yet again: they work on all skill levels.

If you try to cater to "casuals" by lowering the skill ceiling, you are just making your game boring and stale. You don't want people to get "bored" that fast. That's when they stop playing.

There is no such thing as online fps and casual. You play fps to be competitive, be it reflexes, aiming skills or tactical. If someone wants to play casually he has the option to play pve or with bots, or even a single player fps game. The reason there are less players playing Ins franchise is marketing, since bigger companies have more resources to push a game. Also CS franchise is quite old and has established a big player base.