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As a Gunner player, I didnt try out many of the new weapons other than the two new LMGs as well as the two old LMGs now that theyve been changed.
I like the ADS nerf and itll make LMGs less of a destroyer of worlds.

First off, the M240B while a powerhouse and a welcome addition to the LMG cast, but I have to say the appearance of the box mag for the M240B is horrendous, the sound for firing a single shot for the M240B is also really awful, it even sounds like youre firing a second shot. The recoil on the M240B is huge which would be fine if the MG3 didnt fire the same round but with less recoil, really odd choice on that one. Not only that, but I noticed when TRYING to tap fire, it really doesnt agree with you a whole lot, which is something I do with the PKM to great success. Its worth noting I do not use the PKM with a compensator and still have accurate fire where as even with a compensator, controlling the M240B is a struggle.
(When going to the test range to test the tap fire again for the M240B to make sure im not crazy, I noticed the box mag was no longer hovering in the air like it was before. This might be a bug. The sounds still stink).

The MG3 is all around great, allowing you to brrt at your enemies with 1000 rpm like a maniac. The damage is good, the recoil is acceptable, the AP rounds let you blast through walls, its good for tap firing and for holding down that button and the ammo count prevents it from being an unstoppable killing machine. Good job on this one. I like the sounds and the visuals as well. The optics on this thing look really bad when you actually reload it though, they often clip into your hand or the gun itself.

The PKM got a recoil buff which is always appreciated for our darling little swiss-cheese maker, but unfortunately I can barely feel it. Thats fine though, considering I think the PKM was in a perfect spot to begin with. I can slightly feel the recoil buff when in bipod but thats about it. I think this will still be my go-to coop LMG.

The M249 got its AP rounds removed which hilariously sends it back into the void of "why would I ever pick this?". The recoil reduction on this is also basically unnoticable because even firing single shots sends this thing to the fucking moon and back. This weapon is hilariously bad and now that the M240B is here, it probably wont see the light of day, unless the M240B doesnt get its tap-fire fixed because thats really weird and gross.

Now on a more serious topic, there are some really really bad bugs in here. AI bots spawning in the ceiling again like back in the early access days.
The bug im dreading the most and want desperately to be fixed before this patch comes out is a bug with shotguns and bolt-actions. When not using an LMG I dabble in unscoped mosin nagant like a true slav, but unfortunately when you try to bolt the gun faster via the fire-button again, it can bug out and not do the bolt animation at all even though its bolting. If you try to reload when this happens (because I use the lack of a bolt to tell me when im out of ammo if im not paying attention), itll bug out the UI and the ammo count will remain on screen until the weapon is switched out. This happens with the shotgun as well, but not as frequently. This desperately needs fixing, tbh.

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Its great dont ruin it. I love this shit.

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I think some of the guns that some classes get should be looked at, the easiest example would be an insurgent advisor and his ability to take the svd which is an absolute destroyer.

When the insurgent team can take up to 5 one-shot semi auto snipers and the security teams .308 assault rifle (mark 17) twoshots (while the lower calliber rifles like the m16 also twoshot), it really makes me wonder which team has the power here.

Also where are the security balaclavas?

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The only thing mandatory is some restricted area tweaks.

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Your gun isnt facing the enemy if the animation moves it away, this makes longer guns worse for accidental close engagements and itll probably come down to “whos gun is shorter?”

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Its a good thing they snuck that in with the release build and dont even have any options to turn it off on your own servers.

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Ive made a few threads, most of them I try to be objective and try to approach problems in the game, I see a lot of other threads like this as well. This is the official forum for the game and is the one we should be using but for some reason I cannot recall even one staff made post on any thread besides a “this topic has been closed” that appears on the threads that are obviously malicious.

Is there a reason the developers literally never answer, is there a reason it feels like my feedback doesnt mean anything? Theres a lot of glaring balance issues that I feel need addressing and theres a lot of things that I feel hold the game back as a whole but if making a well written thread is not only going to be ignored in favor of another “waa microtransactions waa” or “easy anticheat stole my credit card information so please remove it” thread, then I just dont even see the point of bothering. Not to be rude if youve made a thread like that, im sure what youve said in it is valid but there must be more than one hundred of them by now, and none of them ever get answered either.

Really, whats the deal?

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So ive heard a lot of complaints about recoil being too low, and I honestly didnt see it for a minute. I think recoil right now is perfect, but then something hit me.

Does anyone reading this actually realize how much crouching reduces recoil?

No really, the recoil reduction from crouching is insane and makes even full-auto completely controllable when using low recoil weapons like the mk18. I feel this diminishes the tradeoff between low and higher calliber weapons, making the higher calliber weapons completely manageable. This situation of higher calliber weapons being managable gives the pvp weapon advantage over to the insurgents because even though you could full-auto with the mk18 like a laser beam, youre still gonna kill faster with an AKM, but thats discussion for another day.

Crouching shouldnt reduce recoil nearly as much as it does and in my opinion, should have similar recoil to standing. If you want nearly no recoil you can go prone because prone has other disadvantages, such as not being able to shoot while standing up and being stuck stationary.

I also feel foregrips should be looked at, perhaps foregrips can slightly increase horizontal recoil, being more of a sidegrade then a straight upgrade, as it too makes high calliber weapons into laserbeams, and the laserbeams into better laserbeams.

Edit: Compensators too, should be the opposite, slightly increasing vertical climb.

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I know its a pain but the melee in this game is actually the worst ive ever seen in any fps, it should honestly be done from the ground up.

When you need it, its never there. It feels bad to die to (when bots manage to land it) and it practically never works when you try it. It loosk bad, it feels bad, its bad.

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@imacookie said in Why the hell does the M249 have so much recoil even on single shot?:

I hope you guys realize that all light machine guns are equipped with AP rounds and can down a fully geared opponents in one shot. This along with the inherently high ROF will definitely make the gun unbalanced hence why there is such high recoil.

All LMGS have AP rounds, except you know, one of the two of them.

The PKM does not have AP rounds and theres only 2 LMGs. The M249 does not oneshot basically ever from my time using it even with AP rounds.