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My experience with this has happened during health and now blood orchid. For instance this happens randomly. I did not get disconnected from the ranked game (this occurrence only happens during a ranked game), however, during pre first round everything is normal (only unlocked ops that i have). Following the first round or so all of a sudden all ops are unlocked and the mentioned issues in the OP's description occur. While after match it says connection failure, you still are awarded the ranked points +/- and my alpha pack percent does increase. But a game restart is required to fix connection and then i need to reattach cosmetic items.
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Im using a sniper rifle but when i use the scope (right click + tab) the distance vision is mostly the same so ... how can i make some zoom with my scope??? thx! 😃
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I've had lots of people ask me here and on Reddit about getting one of their own. From the conversations I had with him it didn't sound like he wants to do all too much exporting to the US, there might be some customs or tax reasons or something restricting it, but I'll see what he has to say.
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I really wanted to like this game, I played the original but I played all of 2 hours of it and just didn't interest me. The only Warhammer game more disappointing for me was Deathwing which I had to have when it first came out 😞