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@justinlynch3 said in Moments in the Mud:

How are ATV's not in yet?

I really like that idea actually, although it might make finding watchpoints a little too easy 😉

I guess main reason you didn’t see them is that they don’t really fit in context with Siberian countryside and russian hardware, which is where the first iterations of this game were based until the release of American Wilds only recently.

To maintain that old school Russian feel, we would still need to have old IMZ/DNEPR Urals too 🙂

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@djgromo said in We need to be able to spawn small log carts in the garages.:

So on the new map from Old Timers DLC you can find small trailers with wood which can be attached to small 1 star vehicles. I though that it would be awesome addition if you could spawn them in the garage on other maps to deliver logs only with scout vehicles. Unfortunately you cannot choose that trailer in the garage. It only asutospawns on new map. Why?

I understand that there log kiosks are not programmed to handle super small logs but maybe we could use it outside hardcore mode in places that auto pack logs onto trailers?

I suspect it’s more effort than it’s worth to add the necessary game logic to the original game, especially with MR2 now in development. To create a new simple object with a given “load count” and create a separate ‘loaded’ and ‘unloaded’ model for it is relatively straightforward. To add the game logic and UI components to the other parts of the game to allow selection of another log size and type and independent log models which fall out when overturned etc is a significant amount of development effort and moreover, adds significant risk to adding bugs and defects to existing code, breaking things that already work.

Maybe in MR2 but I doubt you’ll see it on MR unless you’re on PC and modding.

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@hydrowasul sofa argument does count, otherwise I wouldn’t have made it. Money is not an issue. Convenience and usability is. I have already noted that everyone has their own preference. Mine is to not navigate a user interface not designed for TV experience through a TV experience.

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@masterzone said in Approaching to the online game:

@justinlynch3 I heard something about Log, so if I understood the behaviour is:

ME: take logs with my crain and put them on my friends cargo
HE: my friend must highlight each dropped logs for transfer ownership from me to my friend...
Ok seems to be ok

Playing on XB not Switch but a tip/consideration from my experience.

Transferring ownership of logs is a real pain, especially if the other player is in the middle of doing something else, like selecting another log or using crane etc, because it always means navigating the menu and going back to what you’re doing and then repeat again and again.

Much better to agree with other player to let the crane operator first load ALL logs needed for full load (2 large, 3 medium, 4 small) and when all loading is done, then together transfer ownership one after another. Much less messing around with menus and interrupting.

Also, it is worth spending extra time being careful and making sure the logs (and log trailers) are positioned correctly so your friend can pack straight away, because if you do this badly and a log needs to be readjusted, you have to go through the whole mess to transfer ownership back again to move it and then back again to try and pack again. This will take much longer.

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Same same. When I was younger and lived in one room and did everything on PC it made sense. Still the frustration of constant tweaking, os management, performance and stability issues, plus the constant upgrade arms race was a pain. Once I had my own apartment, I would rather sit on my sofa with my friends and play on my large TV with a beer or a cuppa. Console performance got good enough to play similar games to PC and playabiliy performance was strictly controlled / guaranteed. Some of these factors have changed on both sides since then but even if PCs are cheaper and more stable now, I still prefer sitting on my sofa, pushing a button and playing on my 60 inch TV within a matter of seconds. I’m not arguing one is better than the other, they both have their pros and cons depending on personal circumstances or preferences. In the case of Mudrunner, lack of mod support on consoles is a major con, but not enough to make me invest unnecessarily in a PC, or move off my couch XD

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@zamal thanks for taking post as intended and responding in same manner. My attempts at lurking haven’t gone too well as yet. I guess I’m just cursed with a big mouth and opinions 😉

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@justinlynch3 said in MudRunner 2 Speculation/Suggestions:

@300six said in MudRunner 2 Speculation/Suggestions:

i would love to have the map creator on the ps4, me and a buddy use to build maps on far cry way back when. we spend hours and hours building maps.

Yea that would be interesting. It doesn't have to be mods, but give consoles a creator mode where we can use game assets to build custom maps. Kinda like GTA creator mode, but instead of just using props we're allowed to use map assets.

If focus can't get mods approved on consoles, including a creator mode would be a great work around.


Although I’m not currently a fan of the player side mp server and everything that brings, it would certainly lend itself to the option to even allow you to serve your own custom maps. There would however need to be a way for other players to rate these maps so that in lobby one can then be able to filter on them in order to avoid good games being lost having to wade through dross.

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@вова Hi mate, nice to see a russian guy post in here as well, not just the russian section 🙂

Not sure what you mean by make physics like gta, i think someone also mentioned that the engine is good, the results are more a consequence of heavy slow trucks in mud rather than fast cars on tarmac.

Agree with you though on more weather conditions and an improved cockpit view, but I believe these have already been mentioned since the beginning of time and are likely to be included in MR2.

We can only hope 😉

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@unster I agree totally. Feature inclusion is optional, bug fix is a responsibility. Genuine critical defects I raised a year ago remain even today and this isn’t right. My post was specifically around people complaining right after receiving more free content that their particular game suggestions aren’t being implemented and therefore Focus don’t listen. My belief is that if the message back to Focus was more clear; 1000 calls for ‘fix multiplayer’ rather than 1000 calls for ‘where’s my jeep?’, we might see different results. Anyway I think we are unrealistic to expect fixes to MR1 at this point and need to give Focus the opportunity to deliver MR2 where I would expect the game engine has been redesigned to address issues that were perhaps not practically fixable with the previous version. Where I do agree again is that I believe there would be less bad feeling if there was greater (read ‘any’ response) from anyone in Focus on posted bugs so that there was some idea that the item had been at least noted and was on their bugfix roadmap. This is somewhere the community managers could do better but even though this is their job, I suspect their time is split between all Focus releases and perhaps unfortunately for us, MR does not have the greatest following / roi and therefore doesn’t get all the air time. Perhaps we should step off this thread and start a new one specifically on this topic and allow both sides to air their grievances and post replies.

I’m not going to do this but I think it would be fair to allow the community managers themselves to step up here and create a post to address these concerns in a clear and well structured way.

@Netheos, in order to reduce noise in other posts, may I suggest that community managers get together to discuss how to best approach this difficult topic and perhaps create their own post/sub folder to which we can respond? Although I appreciate you guys are likely stretched thin across all the forums, and maybe aren’t in a position to discuss what is and isn’t included per item in upcoming releases, I think there would be real value in getting concrete feedback on specific issues and defects raised to at least indicate that they have been noted, recognised, and are on the bugfix or development roadmap.

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@unster I don’t disagree mate, but without being a fly on the wall, it’s hard to know what factors are in play. In the end, we are all here because we are passionate about the game and care about its future.

In the short time that I’ve been around, I have seen efforts to add content, create new game modes, create american themed content, and engage with manufacturers to get known brand makes and models into the game. This is all stuff the community have been asking for, so I find it odd that we still see complaints because Focus haven’t implemented -every- idea ever posted just yet.

Complaints still vary from ‘This game would be better if it was redesigned into a totally different game, “I can’t select my 2008 Ford Fiesta in mustard yellow”, “I preferred it when truck x had the correct grille shape”, and if a suggestion wasn’t implemented by their next update, out comes the cry of they just don’t care.

Anyway we’ve strayed off topic enough so I reckon I’m going back into lurk mode for a while, lets see. I guess the fundamental problem that bothers me most is the more time I spend here, the more I’m beginning to think I’m getting too old to post on internet forums 😂

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