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Hmm, well, seven weeks after my post asking about a response.

I have to say that although I was a fan of the game, and appreciate that the development team may have had a lot on their plates, I’m deeply disappointed to have not seen a single response to any of my posted defects, or the bug fix roadmap. I’m not one for spending time on forums generally but was motivated to come on here due to my enthusiasm for the game and its progress. I was therefore originally quite proactive on here but now no longer see the point. It’s not like you are swamped with posts on here anyway is it?

I now understand some of the bad feeling from the original spintyres crowd that I couldn’t understand when I first joined. I totally appreciate how hard you guys are likely working but you don’t seem to appreciate the importance of engaging with your community. Whereas before I could live with the annoyances of the game, they become an increasingly annoying reminder of a lack of interest to address very real issues that are a daily barrier to gameplay for both new and old players. At first I was telling all my mates about MudRunner, I no longer bother to play myself anymore. How much effort would it take for one person once a week to reply ‘Thanks, forwarded to dev team, we’ll keep you updated on analysis and fix’.

Even if you don’t have an active to and fro on the forums, you have no excuse to not submit an informal bugfix summary and roadmap on a monthly basis. The fact that you don’t suggets it’s not something you do, and frankly, that’s not something i’m willing to buy into any more.

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@sodoma @Iyagovos

If you start deluge map as hardcore multiplayer game with default trucks, you get two c4310 with garage parts and two garage trailer = 8 points so you can unlock garage without other player joining or doing anything.

If you start with default trucks and some other like c65111 or c432010, a single player can still complete the map in multiplayer because truck spawn with garage parts loaded. If they select for example c255 or c375, they spawn without garage parts, so you haven’t enough points to unlock alone. On a normal map, they can definitely be configured to carry.

If you know this you can avoid, but it’s not obvious and can result in a player being locked from completion if another player does not join, or crashes out, or does not decide to work towards unlocking the garage, but roam around instead.

[edit] by the way, yes, if they start single player, the garage needs only 4gp. The issue exists in MP only. I know you can argue that it’s multiplayer but nonetheless, you can’t rely on other players behaviour and the starting configuration does not seem consistent across all trucks.

I actually now see this issue exists also on Valley. So basically on other maps you don’t notice the issue because you have a garage as a starting point so you can always re-configure the trucks as you need to. On valley and Deluge, you don’t start at a garage, so you are relying on the starting configuration. Default truck selection will always give you enough GP, even in MP, so again, you don’t notice the issue. only if you decide to switch trucks. As it’s not a problem on other maps, I can understand how my friend got caught out.

So yes, I’ll concede it’s not a defect per se, but more of a glitch in consistency that can trip you up if you aren't aware of it.

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I’ve noticed since the ridge update that when towing another vehicle, if I change gear the towed vehicle no longer always responds in kind. I’ve had situations where I’ve stopped and the towed truck is still driving into the back of me or more annoyingly, the towed vehicle is driving in the opposite direction of the towing vehicles travel, ie I’m pulling and the towed truck is reversing. Happens often enough in the last week to notice, yet not seen this behavior before in the months i’ve been playing. Has anybody experienced same?

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@grubdumpling said in Vehicle Presentation: Introducing the B-6A!:

Did anyone manage to get one of the other single star trucks across the water (deluge)?

Good opportunity for you all to boast here. I’m happy to say I completed all maps in hardcore on one star but only ever with a 4x4 scout, Never with a c256 or b130 and I don’t think I’d even bother trying for that long (perhaps this afternoon). Anybody want to show off and tell us it can be done?

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Disappointed to see no response here, and to find that this issue still exists now after two updates, yet someone found time to implement cloth dynamics for a tarp on locked trucks in the meantime. Not entirely impressed, if I may be honest. Aware the dev team have a lot on the radar but fixing items that have a critical negative impact on gameplay should be right up there

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@joridiculous Aehm, useful feedback and advice. A good point, well made. Thanks

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If I have to 'roam' with the K700, I try to have it at the front, towing the log carrier, which in turn pulls a partially full fuel trailer. I find traction is improved by weight over the axle but reduced from towing weight behind it. Carrying only the fuel you need means the towed vehicle is more manueverable and can even nudge the k700 out of the goop on occasion, whilst also chilling the k700 out a bit from its usual fishtailing.

More generally, depending on the map, I switch between tanker hauling log trailer or log carriage hauling fuel trailer, depending on where/when I need the traction most. More often than not I prefer the logs up front so I've got best traction when heading back to the lumber mill and planning the refuel stop once I'm loaded with logs so the towed weight does not impact so greatly. Not always possible depending on the map but half the fun is in figuring out the logistics. That's my way anyway, sure we all have our own.

I should probably get out more 😬

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@iyagovos said in The Ridge Out Now - May Community Update:

the plan for future updates will be to showcase cool things from the community! To do this, we will begin showing off the best maps that we find, cool vehicle mods, and other interesting creative works made by you.

Does this imply review with an intent to deploy as DLC or simply no discussion on future bugfix and development plans?

I appreciate that it's very worthwhile to highlight what the community is doing because it looks great, but why not have this as a separate forum section?

I say from the beginning that I don't want to start a 'PC vs Console' shit flinging contest so anyone with that in mind please don't bother, you're missing the point. Saying that, it sounds like it will make future updates significantly more PC-specific and even though I appreciate the magnificent work done in modding, it's not going to be a lot of fun to spend time here reading about stuff I'll never see or get to play with.

To sum up, sure, it sounds great that you guys are going to be interacting more with the community on the work they've done, but I would hope this would not be at the expense of staying in touch with the rest of the community who may not have access to all this cool stuff.

I'm still interested to see responses to bugfix posts (not seen one yet) and to hear occasionally from the dev team about the work they're doing.

I appreciate you guys are all very busy but for the sake of each taking a turn to put an hour a week into a community post so that we see that you guys are still out there and involved would be great.

You have a huge and loyal community. Keep them engaged.

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Ok, completed one run of the Ridge finally. Fun. Thanks guys. A great shame that scavenge is map specific and from setup looks to remain so. I think with some simple tweaks, scavenge mode could have been extended to all maps, even if it means reworking them slightly, and would have given us all many hours of extended interest and gameplay.

The one real big surprise for me was, and call me a psycho/masochist, I really expected, based on the earlier mockup screen shots, that scavenge mode was going to have us trawling through the undergrowth, scrabbling around trying to pick up randomly dropped logs from the landscape and fight to get them on the back of a truck. To find them all nicely lined up in a row waiting for me in a log kiosk trestle was, I have to say, a relief and a slight disappointment. That's why I noted in my other post that I was a bit nervous when first starting to see I only had a k700 loading option, nothing crane-like.

Anyway, don't look a gift horse in the mouth and all that, thanks a million for the DLC. I'm sure I'll have lots more fun with it but if anyone is listening out there to all our feature requests (beginning to doubt it tbh, lol). I would love to see the next update to include scavenge mode for all maps, and the option to randomise placement of logs within the scavenge area. Plus from the earlier post elsewhere, more or complete map shrouding from start with the need to uncover through watchpoints.

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