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I just submitted a refund. It's quite clear the developers are trying to expand their audiences instead of focusing on their original formula and since it's already in Beta stage, I'm quite sure that this issue is not going to be changed. It's clearly not for my taste.

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@hthc-galthor Dunno, but since alot of people are complaining about this, I don't think it's just my imagination.

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@hthc-galthor No. The game is different from the previous Insurgency. If the game is marketed to be an Insurgency game, then it should have the core elements of the previous. Since it doesn't then there's a problem.

This isn't the issue to 'get gud'. I bought the game because I thought the game would still be similar to Insurgency (duh).

Right now the game is just another Battlefield for me. I'm not basing my opinion to ruin others' expieriance. I think it's people like you that are ruining others' expieriance since the game is marketed as a slow paced, realistic shooter, and you want it to be another fast paced, chaotic shooter.

If Insurgency wants to be realistic, then it simply failed to do so in Sandstorm. Simple as that. We have numerous generic shooters that focus on fast paced combat. It's sad for insurgency to fall under that category as well.

If people want a fast paced war game, wait for Battlefield or the World War 3 game. But don't turn Insurgency like that as well.

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I have to be completely honest, the game is completely different from the first Insurgency. It feels more like a Battlefield game right now. I believe the main focus in Insurgency is realism, teamwork and tension, all of which are lacking in Sandstorm right now.

Everyone in the game uses automatic fire as there is barely any recoil in the weapons compared to the first Insurgency. To top it of, bullets barely do any damage. It even takes two shots to kill someone with a sniper rifle!

The game right now is way too chaotic and fast paced. It moved away from what made the first Insurgency different from other shooters.

In my opinion I would look at what made the first game successful and focus on that;
-Drastically increase weapon recoil to minimize the 'spray and prey' tactic and make players focus on single fire and aiming. Take reference from the first Insurgency.
-Drastically increase weapon damage. 1-2 shots with an automatic rifle should be enough to down someone. Reward players that way. Take reference from the first Insurgency.
-Reduce the radio support call outs. Although they're quite nice and a good addition to the game, they're also making the game way too chaotic in my opinion. Reducing the amount of call outs should fix this problem.
-Slow down the overall pacing of the game to increase realism and tension.
-I like the more open maps, but I would still add in more smaller maps in similar style to the first Insurgency as well.
-(Just a suggestion but totally optional and not that important but, to increase teamwork, maybe add in a 'bleeding' mechanic in the future and a 'medic' class. I believe this would increase communication slightly more as well.

Overall I'm quite disappointed right now as I feel I've been mislead. Although I do appreciate the visuals and audio, it still lacks the major core elements on what made Insurgency different. I wanted an Insurgency game, not another generic Battlefield game.)