Hello Buddies

My name is Tobias, aka Game kNight - I'm a gamer and former collector of Warhammer miniatures ranging from fantasy to 40k.

The worlds of Games Workshop has always appealed to me, and as 17 I applied for ajob at their only store in Denmark - and got hired.

For 4 years I worked for the company and aquired a lot of knowledege about their games.

AsI grew older I had to put the minis away, i stead I now (did as well back then) play videogames and have created the channel Game kNight to share my experiences.

I hope to see more to all of you here as I will be following Necromunda vigorusly! Want to know more about me please ask or check out my channel in the links below.

Cheers, have a wonderful Game kNight


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